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Okay, here we go. In order of how often I've heard 'em, here are your most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q). How tall are you?

    A). Officially(Dr's Office)I'm 5'4", though my ex-wife claimed I was an inch shorter. I generally go with the 5'4" statistic, and hope that my next wife will as well.

Q). Who's that guy from TV/Movies you remind me of whose name I can't remember?

    A). Michael J. Fox.

Q). Do you give guitar lessons?

    A). Sometimes. Depends on my schedule. If somebody's really interested, I'll try and help them out, whether it's on a weekly basis or not.

Q). How do you play all that wacky stuff?

    A). Learn the 'normal' stuff first. The wacky stuff will follow.

Q). Just how many dadgum CD's have you made, anyway?!

    A) At this writing, 24, and all available at CD Baby. Operators are standing by to take your order.

Q). Can you/will you play "Take Five"?

    A). No.

Q). Aw, come on!

    A). Okay, but it's gonna cost you.

Q). Can you/will you play some George Benson?

    A). Sure.(I usually play "Breezin'").

Q). What does 'doo wah diddy' mean?

    A). If you don't know by now, don't mess with it.

Q). How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

    A). Take the 7th Avenue bus to 57th Street.

Well except for the last 2 of course, all of the above are real questions I get asked all the time. And I don't mind answering them, except for the question about my height, which still pisses me off just a little bit-but less so with age. As far as my slamming "Take Five", please note that I'm only slamming the tune itself and not its composer Paul Desmond-who was a wonderful alto saxophonist and composer of a few MUCH better tunes, one of them being "Wendy"(we do play 'Wendy'). On the other hand, I'd love it if one of my tunes were played so much it became benumbingly familiar..