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Welcome to Fun Facts, a compendium, if you will, of miscellaneous Sam info: what bands I’ve played in, some of my favorite stuff, and some other stuff I haven’t thought of as just yet. Hope you enjoy this vital information. Sam

All the Bands I’ve Ever Played or Subbed In:

Okay, so maybe I’ve never played with Sting or Miles Davis or some other (ahem)-big name stars..Here are some folks I did, and in some cases, do play with. For that matter, who’s to say you won’t someday see one of these names ‘ in lights’? Anyway, this is at least most of ‘em. Others are, I’m sure, buried deep in my subconscious, only to be brought out by hypnosis- or torture.. Here we go, then, in no particular chronological order:

Sam Crain/Frank Huston Duo Angel Brown Band Jaro Howse Quartet
Senses Rob Killam Quartet Dave K Trio
Christy Bennett Trio Brian Choban Quintet The Beatnix
Ben Drake Trio Ryan Schultz Duo Dan Rivero Trio
Jeri Villanueva Big Band Bob Katt & the Missing Lynx Frank Connelly Quartet
LLCC Jam Session House Trio Chautaqua Maybe Rep Co The Trombone Section
‘The Dock’ Houseband Jazz Workshop Johnny Thompson duo
Peggy’s Over 30 Club Houseband On the Run Spfld All-star Big Band
Lincolnland Jazz Band Decatur Big Band Bloomington Alternatives Bigband
Twilight Orchestra Gina, Dean & Scoundrel Automated Sound Society
LLCC Jazz Combo Mondello Walker Calhoun St Blues Band
Hinds Bros Band Cicero Slim & WWIII Alex
Kazango Musical Dystrophy Sunyata
Dave Hoffman group Don Smith Orchestra Big Business
Razin’ Kane Bob Graham Quartet Frank Trompeter Quintet
Frankly Speaking(r&b) Frankly Speaking(jazz) Tony Lavell group
Muzik Maker Band Footprints The Max
Tom Becker Trio One Flight Up Sing-out Springfield
Salt n’ Pepper Band Jane Hartman Trio Howard Wikoff Quartet
The Fun Tones Straight Life Mark Riley Band
Rick “Elvis Himselvis” Dunham Krickets houseband Future Street
Gaile Thomas Band Springfield Municipal Band John Piper Quartet
Bob Klocke Quartet Chakra Harry Hild & Panache
Fred Beck Quartet Steve Walko Quartet Randy Parrent Trio
Elevator Shoe Los Medicos Locos Dick Garretson Quartet
Holiday Inn band from NJ The Crystal Ship Bette Pree Group
Henry Miles & the Milestones Diane Delin Quartet Tim Green Trio
Gina Jackson Group Wooden Nickel Houseband Wayne Coniglio Group
Bob Kamp Trio The Vibrations Magnum Force
Dreaming in Colours Debbie Ross Band Chatford Orchestra
Riverboat 5 + 1 Steve Adleman Trio Sat Chit Ananda
Wham, Bam & Sam Bossa Azul Ocean State

All the Places I’ve Played

I know there are folks out there who’ve played way more spots than I-but then it’s not a competition(or at least it shouldn’t be). In any event, these are the places I’ve played. So far. Such as they are..

    Ventura, CA; St. Pete Beach, FL; Alexander, Auburn, Beardstown, Bloomington/Normal, Carlinville, Carbondale, Champaign/Urbana, Chatham, Dawson, Decatur, Elgin, Farmersville, Galesburg, Girard, Jacksonville, Kincaid, Lincoln, Macomb, Mt Olive, New Berlin, Nokomis, Oakford, Peoria, Petersburg, Pontiac, Quincy, Raymond, Riverton, Robinson, Rochester, Rock Island, Shelbyville, Springfield and Taylorville and Thayer, IL; West Lafayette and Bloomington, IN; Shreveport, LA; Baltimore and Towson, MD; Springfield and St. Louis, MO; Nashua, NH; Hobbs, NM; Elko, Lake Tahoe; Las Vegas, Laughlin, Reno and Wendover, NV; Cleveland, OH; Beaumont; Brownsville, Corpus Christi; Dallas/Ft Worth and Houston, TX; Ogden, UT; Green Bay, WI; Rock Springs, WY; Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta CANADA; Ashikaga, JAPAN.

Some Basics:

Everybody’s got their favorites, in whatever field of endeavor you want to get into, so as long as you’re here, here are a few of mine:

    Favorite actor: Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman
    Favorite actress: Meryl Streep
    Favorite director: Stanley Kubrick
    Favorite comedic actor: Jack Lemmon
    Favorite cartoon character(warner bros): Foghorn Leghorn
    Favorite cartoon character(hanna barbera): Barney Rubble
    Favorite cartoonist: B. Kliban, R Crumb
    Favorite comedian: George Carlin
    Favorite instant coffee: Taster’s Choice
    Favorite bandname: Teenage Jesus and the Jerks
    Favorite comedienne: Carol Burnett
    Favorite cheese: Colby
    Favorite artist: Breughel
    Favorite city: New York
    Favorite james bond movie: From Russia with Love
    Favorite ice-cream flavor: Pralines and Cream
    Favorite green acres character: Mr Kimball
    Favorite coal: bituminous

5 Top Fives

    Top 5 favorite jazz guitarists: Jim Hall, Jesse VanRuller, Joshua Breakstone, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass
    Top 5 favorite rock guitarists: Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Steve Lukather, Yngwie Malmsteen
    Top 5 favorite bands: The Beatles, Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Jethro Tull
    Top 5 favorite boxers: Mike Tyson, "Irish" Mickey Ward, Antonio Tarver, Donald Curry, John "the heat" Verderosa
    Top 5 favorite vocalists: Dianna Krall, Al Jarreau, Leann Rimes, Willie Nelson, Adrian Belew

Other Favorites

    Favorite 70's underground cartoonist: R. Crumb, S. Clay Wilson
    Favorite 70's porn starlet: Roberta Pedon, Christy Canyon
    Favorite current porn starlet: Alanna Ackerman
    Favorite psychologist: Albert Ellis
    Favorite psychologist-turned-spiritualist:Ram Dass
    Favorite seafood: salmon
    Favorite beer: Corona
    Favorite breed of dog: Labrador Retriever
    Favorite vintage TV Show: The Twilight Zone
    Favorite spectator sport: Boxing, girls' gymnastics, college basketball
    Favorite junk food: Cheetos
    Favorite foreign country: Denmark
    Favorite martial arts movie star: Jackie Chan