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  • ROBIN TAYLOR'S FREE UNIVERSE - Very imaginative and progressive musician from Copenhagen.

  • KEITH CRONIN - Musician & Writer. Very creative drummer, played a number of gigs with me in the 70ís.

  • JESSE VAN RULLER - GREAT young guitarist from The Netherlands.

  • ASTRAL PROJECT - Fine musicians based out of New Orleans, with several CDís out. Their bassist, James Singleton, is another of my Ďhomiesí, from Springfield(& Boston) days.

  • MICHAEL DARLING - Artist, musician, & one of my 2 oldest Ďhomiesí.

  • TIM BERENS - A Website for Guitarists. Very informative, includes interviews with some of the very best players.

  • TIM GREEN - is a jazz pianist now based out of Chicago, with 2 CDís to his credit. Give him a listen.

  • DAVID HOFFMAN - trumpet player, piano player, composer, another of my 'homies', even though he grew up in distant Suburbia, on Wiffmont Drive I think it was..

  • CASSIE HART - alto saxophonist and writer. Been playing gigs of late with her, husband Kevin Hart on keyboard and Dan Diefendorf on drums-group called the Swing Daddies.

  • JOSHUA BREAKSTONE - Josh is one of my favorite guitarists, whom I've gotten to know a bit over the years. His wife Nathalie did the graphic design for my CD "Oop Bop Sh' Bang" and my new one, "Bird's-Eye View" as well.

  • ALLABOUTJAZZ.COM - This is the well-known article by Pat Metheny on Kenny G

  • SHORTSUPPORT.ORG - This is a support group for short persons. Studies have shown that men under 5'8" CAN live useful and even productive lives--I'm living proof!(Actually I don't perceive myself in terms of height- or lack thereof-unless I'm buying pants or some *sshole mentions it. Just thought this was an interesting site).

  • B. KLIBAN - This is a site featuring some selected cartoons by B.Kliban, who(along with R. Crumb)is my favorite cartoonist. Unfortunately he passed away in 1990, but left behind some amazing cartoons.The site has a cheezy music track(as a musician, I LOVE music but LOATHE cheezy music tracks)but is at least a treat for the eyes-and spirit..

  • SAMSWORLDONLINE - This is another old site of mine. Some of the info is already here on this site, some isn't. The homepage will grab ya, as will some of the stuff in the Wit n Wisdom section. Check it out.

  • JIM GOMES - another of my 'homies', someone I grew up with from Kindergarten days and had my share of misadventures with. This is a pretty impressive collection of guitars. Enjoy.

  • BILLY COOK - is, I think, a Chemistry teacher by day, and(I know)an able jazz guitarist and builder of fine guitars by night. As a matter of fact, my main guitar is a B. Cook guitar(on my home page), and is the one I use on most of my CDs.

  • ALE ROE - Website for Asle Roe, Norwegian-born guitarist/composer residing in Houston TX. I have his CD, "Trans-Atlantic Jazz". He can play.

  • JON HEMMERSAM - While we're on the Nordic track here, this is the webpage to a very interesting CD by a guitarist from Odense Denmark- Jon Hemmersam. I have this CD myself.

  • THE OOHS - Classic pop rock, 4-part vocal harmonies ala Queen et al.

  • JAZZONFONIK - Jazz in Jamaica.

  • KEVIN HART JAZZ - Talented multi-instrumentalist(vibes, piano and drums), who's played on my CD "Bird's-Eye View" and has several fine CDs of his own.

  • FRANK HUSTON - A most able and versatile guitarist, at home in styles from blazing rock to cool jazz.

  • ROGER U ROUNDLY - One of my blog sites.

  • OPINIONATED TWIT - Another one.

  • NO IDLE FRETS - A weekly podcast, devoted to "Pod-safe guitar music". Some fine guitar playing in a wide range of styles. Even feature my stuff on occasion..