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Welcome to my music library. You'll find songs in a variety of styles, from straight-ahead jazz to rock and classical music. Some of the selections are from my CD's (see CD's), but much was created from my home studio. Hope you find something you like amid all these tunes. Sam

Bub n' Grub - a fairly brisk tempo, with 'dueling' guitars.

Medwed's Blues - in memory of Bryan Medwed, a fellow composition student back in the 70's.

In a Melatonin - nice medium groove, based on In a Mellow Tone. Should keep your Seratonin levels at a good level.

Somebody's Song - the Sam Crain Trio. Bill Schlipf, bass; Sam Crain, guitar; Don Cochran, drums.

Skating in Central Park - the Sam Crain Trio. Bill Schlipf, bass; Sam Crain, guitar; Don Cochran, drums.

Mr. Cool - Wayne Coniglio on bass trombone, myself on guitar & bass & keys. Later recorded as AB Positive on my CD "Bird's-Eye View"

Betty and Veronica - written after 2 very cute girls who used to come to the gigs.

Love Trapezoid - funky soundz

Reminiscence - kinda moody and introspective

Bon Bon Masseuse - a guest on Love Connection once stated this as her occupation. Ya ha...

Prelude - a Baroque-style prelude, very slow and stately. By yours truly, JS Crain

Fugue - a 4-voice Baroque style Fugue. Again, from yours truly JS Crain

Subliminal Funk - the title says it all..

Sunny Side Up - optimistic funk in 6/4

NWA - music written for a radio commercial for a program of 'perfeshunal' wrestling quite some time ago.

Son n' Funk - from my CD Odyssey

Gum Girls - Written in '90, for the (then)wife and her daughter. They were both chewing gum, and the daughter, age 7, said "We're gum girls!" That was all I needed..

Halloween - home-recorded, "eerie" stuff

Snow Cone Luv - from my upcoming CD "Sunny Side Up"

Jammin' With Sam - rockin' sounds from my CD "Odyssey". Not to be confused with my CD called "Jammin' with Sam" which is more of a jazz fusion kinda thing.

Song for Judy - a Jeff Beckish thing from my CD "Odyssey". One of several songs written for the ex-wife.

bleuzett - from my CD "Jazz Guitar". Based on, of course, Bluesette, in alternating keys.

diurne - for solo guitar. Also called 'Day Song'. On my CD's "In your Dreams" and "Jazz Guitar".

cloudy skies - an early home-recording effort. You need to crank the volume a bit, but the playing's okay.

Hey Bucko- from my CD 'Oop Bop Sh' Bang".

Och Hor Du Unga Dora- a Swedish folksong(translated, and listen young Dora)in a jazz setting. From my CD "Jazz Guitar".

Stella by Bar Light- goes out to Kevin Ellis, bassist of the Sam Crain quartet. 'Stella' is Kevin's favorite jazz tune.

The Earl of ěl - a fusiony kinda thing. 'ěl', pronounced 'url', is Danish for beer. The Earl of beer, as it were.

Dream Theme - catchy, funky, smooth jazz kinda thing.

Bawdy in Seoul - several choruses over jazz standard.

c l j - a pretty ballad, just guitar and 'strings'. Written for some girl I liked a whole bunch.

rok the beet - Weather Report meets Paula Abdul. Don't know how else to describe it. Kind of a cool guitar solo on this one.

nippon funk - from my CD "In Your Dreams".

Psychic Connection -from my CD "Oop Bop Sh' Bang". GG Pelletier, tenor saxophone; Andy Burtschi, bass; Craig Russo, drums.

Twitchin' in the Kitchen -also from "Oop Bop Sh' Bang".

Sunday's Mood - smooth jazz, kinda moody.

Wokin' the Dog - from "Oop Bop Sh' Bang"

Mucho Dinero Poco Trabajo - funky latin thing. Much money, little work- a reversal of the usual lament, "mucho trabajo, poco dinero".

Moonwalk -smooth jazz with -pardon the pun- atmosphere.

Toasty Relief - funky, pleasant haze of a tune. Written after having heat restored to my home last December.

Blue Skies - for solo guitar. A shameless display of chops, but I was having a good day.

autumn gets up and leaves - from my CD "Jazz Guitar" . Some nice inspired playing.

fulsome prism blues -not an actual blues, but some bluesy playing. Lotsa guitar sounds on this smooth funky tune.

bang -not sure what this one is. Must've been a misteak.

dos guitarros - this is a tune from my CD "Oop Bop Sh' Bang". This version is a duet with Dave Burdick and myself. The song was actually written for Dave and myself to play.

Biff Credit, MD - I guess this is the kinda stuff I'd write for a TV Hospital drama.

another chance - smooth jazz/pop sorta piece.

fiesta siesta - funky latin groove. Some nice percussion on this one.

A Trip to Pleasantville - exceedingly mellow and soothing. This could be music behind a commercial for the phone company, or one of those motivational tapes.

5 bangatelles no 1 - intense electronic funk.

sun n' funk - some vintage Sam, from '86 or so. Nice groove and energy. I give it a 65.

hot summer night - very pretty, evocative tune.

black orpheus - from a Sam Crain Quartet gig, this was one of our trio things. Kevin Ellis, bass; Don Cochran, drums.

dream theme - funky, catchy tune. This is probably a re-uploaded version. Try it and see.