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    Monday, April 24th, 2017 10:16 AM


    CoolAnd it's another knocko day out there! I like my Mondays to be much like Sundays: a quiet day with little or no drama. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to bite the bullet a bit on Monday, since it's everyone else's busy day. Sometimes you just get something dumped in your lap.
      For the benefit of whoever-reads-this, don't order anything from those surveys online, because they sign you up from there. You think you're getting merchandise for $5, but unless you cancel within 14 days, you're stuck with a $70 or $80 bill.
       This just happened to me. I feel angry and foolish. Never again.
       Well, I'm sure I'll have times feeling angry and/or foolish. But not with a scam company like this..
       Okay. Music news(finally, right?). There is some new stuff on YouTube. Had a virtuous day with guitar practicing, several sessions. And I had one that I thought was pretty successful. There is no Greater Love, done with just bass and drums. I like YouTube's various bass & drums selections, just so long as they use a real bass player and not just some keyboardist's left hand. No matter how much they try to sound like a real bass, it just ain't enough.
       Still taking the slow boat to Dalen on my virtual Norwegian cruise. Learned some interesting facts about their flag:
      The white cross on a red background signifies their union with Denmark from 1397 to 1814, and the blue cross signifies their union with Sweden from 1814 to 1905. This explains the linguistic similarities to the Danish language. Many words are the same or slightly altered, though Norwegian uses a rolled 'r' where Danish uses a guttural 'r', from the back of the throat.
      Anyway. Rambling again. New tunes on YouTube. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later.
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