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    Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 10:46 AM

    Somehow it's Muesday

    Cool Good morning! It's Tuesday in most parts of the world, but for State(and Federal and County) employees, it's Muesday. Two days of work in one, especially if you have a job where you work with the public. It was nice having those Mondays off, but we paid for them out the nose. 
        I didn't coin the term Muesday. Someone else did. Another beleaguered State employee. 
        Been there, done that though. So I raise my coffee cup to those who are still in the game and probably having a dreadful time of things on this Muesday morning. 
       Music news. Got my cherry-red Epiphone guitar back from the shop yesterday. The Rock Shop has been my go-to place over the past couple years. I've bought a guitar, an amp, and an effects processor from them : Gretsch guitar, Boss amp(Kitana model)and Line 6 effects processor- and had repairs made on several of my guitars. 
      YouTube. has nothing new- well, nothing brand new.  I did a fair amount of practicing yesterday, but couldn't seem to record anything. Sometimes my Muse is off taking a powder, and that must've been the case yesterday. But  win or lose, I still got some constructive time in on the guitar, time spent evaluating and reviewing stuff, hopefully toward improving. I often get more out of the clunkers than I do the recordings that 'work'. 
       Just as in life, you often learn more from your failures, the things you want but don't get, than you do from your successes.  Naturally I'd prefer just to get everything I want all the time, and screw the spiritual lesson. But it doesn't seem to work that way. At least not for me. 
       I've been going through my Videos file, trying to trim down what's turning into some overgrown foliage. So the losers get deleted and the winners get uploaded to my YouTube page. Either thrown back into the water or taken home and cooked. With that, I'm deleting a fair amount, but still finding a few worth sharing. So in lieu of something new, in case I don't hit it today either, some "oldies" to upload. 
      That's all my music news for now.Thanks for reading. Happy Tuesday(or possibly Muesday)to you. I'm outa here. More later. 
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