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    Monday, April 22nd, 2019 10:35 AM

    Another Peaceful Monday

    Cool Good morning! It's just this side of ten, been up about half an hour. Anyone who knows me knows that it takes more than half an hour for me to wake up. So I am at least partially still asleep. That first cup of coffee is to my right; and one of my felines is to my left, soaking up intermittent attention from me. 
        Music news. A busier week awaits. Saturday is a guitar lesson, Sunday is a rehearsal with the Samba Llamas, Wednesday is my semi-annual checkup, Thursday is a gig with the Sambas, and Friday is a gig with Ocean State. Oh, and another guitar lesson on Saturday. Not a hectic schedule but a fairly busy one. 
       So the next five days are wide open. For me, it's all about contrast. I can't stand being too busy, too scheduled, but I do like little waves of activity like next week. Then it's back to relative sloth, which will feel great after all that running around.
       One new selection on YouTube, with possibly more to come. I'm still practicing Clarinet etudes and plan to record them as well.With those I get more perfectionistic, and tend to do them over and over until I get one that's as near to perfection as I feel like I'm gonna get. 
      My new CD, Jazz Guitar Vol 4, should be ready in about a week. I'm starting to feel like a little kid at Christmas as far as the anticipation. I'll be selling it on CD Baby and at gigs. And giving a few away. 
      I've got a couple more collections of tunes- some guitar-oriented(but more eclectic as far as style), and some keyboard-oriented. It's some stuff I think people would like. So more on this as it happens. But at least I got the one CD off and running. 
      I have a lot of pipe dreams pretty much every year. And I don't even come close to getting them all going. But I usually get one or two of them off the ground, so that's at least something. 
      This is probably more than enough material. Thanks for reading. Happy Monday to you, if that's possible. I'm outa here. More later. 
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