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    Tuesday, September 25th, 2018 11:15 AM

    Tuesday Welding

    Cool Guten morgan! Yes, I'm something of a language dilettante. A handful of German words, French words, Danish words, Spanish words, Slovenian words - and even one extraterrestial one. The Coneheads from SNL referred to sleep as slarvak. So, one word in Remulak. Or would it be Remulakian?
        But I digress. Another iron-gray day out there. Couldn't seem to turn off the bubble machine last night, but eventually drifted off into dreamland. Feeling well-rested this morning, so I must've gotten enough rest. Slarvak is important. 
       Music news. One gig near the end of October and another one late in December. I have always been off-and-on as far as performances. I like(actually need)to take breaks here and there, so I have my slow periods in between bursts of gig activity. They help to refresh me. Otherwise you get burned out on what you're doing and create a surly presence on the bandstand. No fun for anyone, especially you. 
      So I'm in one of those less active periods right now. One or two gigs in a month, sometimes none. Not at all in the thick of things, but I still maintain a tenuous connection with the local music scene. Hanging on by a thread. Well, maybe two or three threads..
      But, just as your mind is active while you're sleeping(and hopefully making some sense of life), I stay active during these 'dormant' periods. I still try to practice every day, and maintain my YouTube page, which is a great way to stay in contact with the small coterie of folks who like what I do. In lieu of live performances, you can always enjoy something  on your computer(or device). And sometimes I think I play better in the confines of my music room. So sometimes you'll hear something better than you might from a noisy bar or restaurant.
      That's about all I've got for now. Happy Wednesday to you- or, if you will, "hump day". Thanks for reading. Je suis outa here. More later. 
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