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    Thursday, October 18th, 2018 10:00 AM


    Cool Another day, front and center. It's a beautiful sunny day out there(41 degrees, but you can't have everything..), and my cat Cindy is basking in the occasional attention I'm bestowing upon her. She's learned to cool it with me first thing in the morning. The attention she seeks is forthcoming, so long as I have a minute to just sit and scratch.
       Yesterday was a fairly productive day as regards the guitar. Got some good old woodshedding in. And hopefully, more today. One newbie on YouTube, maybe more. In playing along with this stuff, I sometimes adjust the speed to make myself play faster. So there's an "up" version of Green Dolphin St(two actually)which I may upload later today. 
      The more you practice, the better your chops are going to be. Which makes playing more fun, since there's more you'll be able to play. This is always an incentive to do more practicing. 
      Many cycles we get ourselves in are destructive, or at least not good for us. Practicing sets up a positive cycle, one that is good for us. And it's not illegal, immoral or fattening! 
      So that's one goal I have for my retired years, to see how good I can get on the guitar. I finally have time for things like guitar practice and physical exercise.
       As far as physical goals, just to keep my stomach from protruding. In 2014, when I resumed exercising(after so many slothful years), I had a pretty good beer gut to work off. Took about a year to get that rid of that sucker. So that's priority one. Otherwise, I just like the exercising because I feel good afterwards. And I sleep a hell of a lot better. 
      I would love to have a new writing project going, but I just haven't had the inspiration. It comes when it comes, so there's no sense forcing it. Just that this would be a great time to pursue something like that. So we'll see if my Muse deigns to visit me..
      Not much else to share this morning. Thanks as ever for reading, hope you'll check out the new stuff on YouTube. Happy Thursday to you. I'm outa here. More later. 
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