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    Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 10:31 AM


    Cool Yay! The sun is shining today. Well, it's there every day of course- as in sunlight- but is usually obscured by clouds this time of the year. The real ravages of Winter are, to me at least, the cloudy days-regardless of how much or how little snow Mother Nature dumps on us. So far so good this Winter. Nine more days left in this month..
        Music news. I now have 56 subscribers on my YouTube page. Glad some people are listening and enjoying the sounds. I know that's not much of a number, but I had 12 for the longest time. Progress here is sometimes agonizingly slow and incremental, but that makes me appreciate each new subscriber. And with every new subscriber I get a little more conscientious about what I post. It's all good. 
       This has been a time of woodshedding on the guitar. One bit of advice I gave somebody in this regard was to practice scales all up and down the neck and connect your notes like you would on classical guitar. In other words, when playing a note, don't take your finger off until you're ready to play the next one. I told him it would make his playing smoother. It's making my playing smoother, so I know I steered him right...
      There should be some new entries on my YouTube page today. Gotta listen back and see what works. That can surprise you: some things you thought were good to go have glaring errors and clams you somehow glossed over; and things you were ready to scrap suddenly show redeeming qualities. 
      This would be the perfect week for home-recording stuff. Just haven't had the inspiration I guess. My Muse shows up when she feels like it, and I'm figuring she'll make an appearance on Friday or Saturday, if at all. Sometimes my best creative periods are two or three days, sandwiched between busyness. So we'll see. 
      Thanks for reading, as ever. Happy Muesday to you! (Muesday is the Tuesday after a Monday holiday. Not my brainchild, came from someone I worked with for the State. It's almost always a stressful day, with two days of work rolled into one. An extra-fortified Monday). I'm gone. Other morning rituals to attend to: more coffee, Lumosity, breakfast. More later. 
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