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    Thursday, January 17th, 2019 9:56 AM


    Cool Good morning! It's 9:21 in the a.m. Swilling that first cup of coffee and trying to make sense of it all, not unlike most mornings for me. A good 7 hours of sleep, but it still takes awhile to get my motor running, let alone head out on the highway. 
        Music news. A job tomorrow at Robbie's and another one at Miss D's a week from Saturday. And then one at Arlington's on February 9th. 
        In this year, I want to get back to just doing my own gigs. At the moment though, my first priority is just getting through this Winter. As I've said in here before, the year doesn't really start for me until March. Any plans I have for the year just sit there until then- even if it's a mild Winter with hardly any snow. So I'm just going to grin and bear it for this month and next. 
       Yesterday was something of a power play day. I remixed and uploaded 8 new tunes, practiced guitar, and worked out with weights. Some new stuff for YouTube perhaps, gotta listen to it. 
       The new pieces I've got don't yet have names. It's like bringing eight babies home from the Hospital. I've listened a couple times now, and there's some stuff I can't wait to share with whoever will listen to it. Soundclick is the site I post my recorded stuff to, whether it's on a CD or not. 
      Sorry this is kind of a blah post. But it's kinda of a blah day out there, so I come by it honestly. Thanks for reading, happy Thursday to you. More later. 
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