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    Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 11:01 AM


    Cool Good morning! It's about 10:30 here in the best of all possible worlds, a beautiful sunny day. Tossing and turning last night, finally to drift off for a couple hours. So I'm a little crispy today, but more or less functional. 
          Music news. Some new entries on YouTube which you might enjoy: Sunny and Moanin', and maybe a few others. Yesterday was a day of Sterling Virtue- a day that included both exercise and guitar practice(yes, this is how I reward myself). I work on technique of course: scales, arpeggios, weird little patterns I often make up- all in the name of smoother chops. The paradox is that you work your ass off to make it sound easy. My wisdom is in my ignorance.
       Also working on playing less. Listening more to the bass and drums and weaving my stuff in there. Leaving space is harder than you'd think , since you have to always be subdividing the beat so you come in on time/in time. When my Mother was dipping me in the river Styx, she was holding on to my rhythmic sense. It's my Achilles' Heel as a musician. I can have great time, but I've gotta work at it..
       No gigs until late in August(23rd, at Robbie's, trio), but things always fill in. And I'm pretty much always on this music thing, so I'll usually have something to share. 
      July, aside from what gigs may or not be happening, is a Domestic and Dental month. On the domestic front, replacing a water pipe in the basement; on the dental front, adding some more Titanium(Implants)to the inside of my mouth. Both big jobs, glad they're getting done. 
       This is, I think, what caused my tossing and turning last night- the domestic stuff. Met with a Plumber this morning, who told me it was "a mess" but doable. All I needed to hear..
      Okay! Such is my life at the moment. Thanks as ever for reading. Happy Hump Day to you! I'm outa here. Coffee beckons. More later. 
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