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    Friday, August 23rd, 2019 10:32 AM


    Cool Good morning! Straight-up ten o'clock once again. I don't have the Groundhog Day experience, where I'm living the same day over and over- even though there is some truth to it. I do feel like most every day is another chance to get it right, a quality someone at work attributed to Mondays. A nice sentiment, to be sure- but Mondays still sucked...
        Music news.  One new post on YouTube, with more to come. Yesterday, as it turned out, was a day of Sterling Virtue: one in which I exercised and then practiced. I'm not as sprightly as I was ten years ago, but still have some energy left. 
       Four jobs in September. They're on the calendar. Looking forward to the burst of activity next month. I write and play music for me(and then to share with you), but playing out is more of a social thing. Like my old co-worker's notion of Mondays, another chance to get it right.
       At this point, the social opportunities, such as they ever were,are pretty much gone. Actually, they've been gone for awhile now. This is one reason I don't play out that much. But I love to play, so I do it in little bursts. Still hoping for those opportunities(another chance to get it right), but if they don't happen, I'm done until the next wave of activity.
      Today is an errand day, but I hope to get some quality time in with my guitar. I'm on a pretty good roll, so I should have something to share. As ever, thanks for reading. Happy Friday to you, especially if you've waited all week for it! I'm outa here. More later.  
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