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    Friday, May 24th, 2019 11:24 AM


    Cool Good morning! 10:35 is the time more or less agreed on by my various clocks here in the music laboratory/computer room. Sun n' clouds outside- what else is new? But at least it's Friday. Many will be holding a POETS club celebration of some kind. POETS, by the way, is an acronym: piss on everything, tomorrow's Saturday! Of course, this can be(and usually is) a two-day affair. For the latter day, of course, you just substitute Sunday for Saturday. 
        Music news. CDs to mail, sell and(in a few instances)give away. That's next on the agenda. For the benefit of someone who is reading my posts for the first time, I have a new CD. It's called Jazz Guitar Vol 4, and it's a compilation of some of my better playing and writing over the years. I sell my stuff on/through CD Baby, and at my various gigs. 
       In other news, nothing on the books until the end of the month. 2 hours for the old folks in a Jacksonville Assisted Living Center. Next public date is June 15th, at Arlington's, from 7 to 9. And I'll have CDs on hand if anyone wants one. 
        Otherwise, just plugging along here. Still practicing, trying to get better. More recorded music to share with you, but I want to get this one off the ground first- up to whatever meager elevation it reaches. Well you never know.
    And that's why I keep making these records, because there's always a chance someone will hear the music and really take to it- and maybe even share it with other folks- who would, in turn(dare I dream further)share it themselves.. I've developed more realism over the years, so my expectations have gotten pared down. But they still exist.So I still order boxes of my CDs- but fewer, and much smaller boxes!
      Well that's about it for me for now. Thanks for reading, as ever. Happy Friday to you! And happy POETS club, if it applies. I'm outa here. More later. 
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