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    Sunday, July 21st, 2019 10:59 AM


    Cool Good morning! It's about a quarter after ten on this getting-ready-to-do-something Sunday. The skies are darkening. Looks like rain to me..No bon mots outa me just yet. I'm plenty rested, just need the coffee to kick in. On my first cup of that magic morning elixir right now. 
        Music news. A couple of acceptable jams from yesterday's practice which might find themselves on YouTube. My stuff from my various CDs is also on YouTube, but not on my page. Good old CD Baby submits your stuff all over the place. It's also on Spotify, something I'm just now getting into. I'm a bit of a Luddite, still stuck(but not mired)in the Age of the CD. I miss the old days when people bought them..
       My latest recording, Jazz Guitar Vol 4, is in CD format. I like selling them on gigs, and end up giving some away as well. But for the most part, my newer recordings are download only. I've got three relatively new albums: Tele-ology(jazz on the Fender Telecaster); Sirens of Kumar(progressive rock); and Living in the 21st Century(modern weirdo electronic music). Hope you'll stop by the Store and check 'em out.  
      As far as what's next outa me, I'd like it to be a group recording. Those are, of course, tougher to do-involving rehearsal and general scheduling hassles- but easier to sell. I like to bring other people in when I record, whether it's the artwork or production or being a player. Ideally, these other people benefit from the recording as well. 
      And that'll do it for today's news. Thanks as ever for reading this drivel. Happy Sunday to you! I'm gone . More later. 
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