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    Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 10:33 AM

    Tepid Tuesday

    Cool Good morning! A blah Winter day outside. Much nicer inside. Plenty of food in the refrigerator if I just stay put. The snow on my driveway hasn't been completely cleared but at least shoveled into submission. So I can leave this domicile if I so choose. Cabin Fever seems to happen when you no longer have that choice. 
        A bustling day of music-making yesterday. Got in some guitar practice and even recorded a couple things. Something out of all that mess is YouTube worthy, so more to come there. Also spent some time with the Roland Fantom synth, sort of alternating between it and the guitar. A litter of eight new tunes. I keep finding more potentialities in some of the patches. Eventually I want to get into the Song Writing and Sequencing functions. Got a tutorial laying around here someplace, but might just empoy my usual method of just jumping in and learning as I go. 
       Remembering something from my working days, my first year with the State. I seemed to get called on the carpet a lot in those days. The boss said to me, "you like to just jump in and go from there, don'cha?". I shrugged. "I do too", he continued, "only I'm the manager(and thus can get away with it)". Nice guy..
       My first and last years with the State were a bitch. Some nice times in between though. Grateful as hell for the benefits, but even more grateful to be out of there..
       Three more days of hibernation. and then two days out(Robbie's and Miss D's), then a longer period of hibernation until February 9th, when we're back at Arlington's. Tension and release. 
       I guess that's all the verbiage I had to share with you. Thanks for reading, as ever. Happy Tuesday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 
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