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    Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 11:08 AM

    Tepid Tuesday

    Cool Good morning! It's about 10:30 here, cup #2 of Morning Joe. Another sunny day out there. Three in a row. Last Winter was a bitch, for several folks  I know as well as myself. The Frank Zappa song Didja Get Any Onya seems apropos here. Got through this Winter relatively unscathed. I didn't get any on me. Well, not much. A skinned knee was the only casualty of the season. And I hope the other folks I mentioned, who had an even worse Winter than I did, got through this one with flying colors. 
       Music News. A job this Friday at Illini Country Club, private affair. We have to be there at 3:30 to load, and then wait until 5 to start, but we're done at 8. Most of my jobs are "geriatric" in that they're reduced hours(usually 2 now instead of the standard 3)and earlier hours. The latest gig I have- April 6th, at Arlington's- ends at 9. Gig lite. 
      Still plowing away on the guitar. Hope to get some trio stuff in the way of jobs, and have some new tunes- even a few originals. Might(actually should)revamp my whole setlist. The bass player of this new threesome has indicated a willingness to get a good hour's rehearsal in, before his cat allergies start to do their thing. Sorry, I'm a cat person. Love dogs, but seem to favor the felines. 
      YouTube may have something you haven't heard. I've been posting fairly regularly, every day or couple of days. Trying to vary the content, from solo stuff to straight-ahead, to funk things and other grooves. I had a great day yesterday as far as practice, and have a few things that might be YouTube worthy. 
      Thanks for reading, as ever. Happy Tuesday to you! I'm gone. More later. 
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