And Tuesday's Just the Same 

Good morning! It's just a couple minutes after ten, overcast but still sunny. Temperatures are dropping as we begin our descent into Winter. Iowa already has snow. Not that I wish it on anyone else, but I hope it stays north of us--until March! I've already broken out the thermal dermis, and am as ready as I ever am  for this next Season. I can get out in it if I  have to, but am really a Cold Weather Wuss at heart...

Music news. Well I suppose the "top story" would be this new CD I've just released. Near-Miracle on 33rd Street. All jazz, and all original material, though a couple things in there are based on standards. It's nice, tuneful stuff, nothing too 'far out' or anything(I have other recordings for that!). Unlike my last couple efforts, which have been download-only, this time I made actual CDs. 100 of them. They should hit the porch in the next couple days. 

I like the CD format for a couple reasons. One, you can sell them at gigs. And two, I like to write liner notes- and in so doing, send out shouts to various folks who've been supportive or just cool in general. Not everybody's going to be in your corner- one of life's tougher lessons- so you take care of those who are, and cherish them all the more. 

Still on a roll with the home-studio thing. I'm just starting to put together another CD much like the one I just released- all originals, all jazz(though there may also be some funk in this one).It'll be well into next year before I have another album, but I hope to have something as good or better than this new one. 

And I'm still turning out these little 2 and 3-minute pieces that I share on the Music page here, and on Facebook. Their content has changed as the year has progressed(or perhaps regressed), from 'creepy' electronic stuff to more 'fusion' or 'smooth' jazz.. And I'm sort of entering another phase, where the keyboard plays a bigger part. My keyboard chops have improved from all this messing around, so I'm gaining the courage to try a few solos. This adds a great deal to the songs, having two solo voices instead of just the same one over and over.  

And that's my two cents for today! Eventually I figure I'll have something to invite you guys to(and maybe even sell you a CD), but for the moment continuing to work from home. I do miss having a nice place, a simpatico place like Robbie's to play in. And I miss some of the folks I'd make music with. These things will work themselves out, sooner or later. 

Okay! Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Tuesday to you! For now, I'm outa here. More later.  PS Today's pic was taken sometime in 1985. I was in a band called Scoundrel, which played all across the country. We were on our way from somewhere to somewhere, and I was zoning out on the keyboard(wearing headphones of course).

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