Easter Sunday 

Good morning, whoever-reads-this! It's about 9:45 in the am, 52 degrees at the moment. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. Working on that first cup of coffee, slowly bringing the world into focus. Screw carpe diem. I like to ease into my day. 

Music news. I've had a couple of gigs lately. Yesterday and last Friday. The picture is from the Friday gig, at Boone's. Jaro Howse, Ben Taylor, me, and Mark Russillo. I always open up that second set for a few folks to sit in. We also had John Coss sitting in on drums. 

Yesterday's gig was at someone's house, between Spfld and Mechanicsburg. A birthday party for a friend. Musically, that was me and Ben and Nikola Djokic on drums. I couldn't pronounce his name, but now that I've had to spell it, I'll probably do better. Got some pictures from yesterday's event as well.

I brought my trusty digital camera with me for both gigs, and captured a handful of things from both. Quite a lot to go through last night. I've been wanting to put live stuff on my YouTube page for a good while now, and finally put my money where my mouth is. Or was..

So I posted three selections on the page, and have a few more to put up. I'll still be posting videos from here in the Music Laboratory, but hopefully more interspersed with music made with other humans. 

I've been working a lot here at home, in the Lab, practicing with either a metronome or playalong recording. And I've made some progress, especially in the rhythm department. And I could hear that yesterday, playing with a real live rhythm section. Some progress made, still a few things that need work. 

Nothing else on the books at the moment, but--to quote Ahnold--I'll be back. I think that's a line from The Terminator. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Easter Sunday to you! Ich bin outa here. More later. 

PS RIP, Julia Hoffman. Your struggles are over. 


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