Freaky Friday  

Good morning! It's 9:28 here in the Capital City, the usual white skies. I don't believe in the Christian Hell, but I do believe the spirit world has a few darker levels where you might have to do a little time. This life right now feels like one of those darker, murkier places. An eerie silence fills the air, like the quiet before a storm.  Nothing to do but make the best of it. 

Music news. Still picking up the guitar pretty much every day, keeping some semblance of chops. Hoping to get lost in another home-recording project, haven't been able to do this yet but hoping my Muse will pay me a visit. I have 2 CDs put together, both very guitar-oriented, which I'll release once people start listening to the three CDs I put up at the beginning of the year. I am either crazy-prolific or a complete slug when it comes to 'output'. 

What I have been doing is updating the Pictures on my new site. I stumbled onto a whole bunch from when I was on the road('84-86),and am hoping to be able to add a whole section to the Photos: the road years. Lots of band pictures, in our various uniforms. You guys will enjoy these pictures, I just know it. And also an old picture of Kenny Barton, at the piano. When he visited our house, Mom and Dad both encouraged him to play something on our piano. He was fond of me, and especially fond of my brother. So today Kenny will join the ranks of people from my life who are preserved in these photos.

And that's pretty much it for right now. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Friday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 



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