Good morning and TGIF. While we're at it. happy Juneteenth. June 19th, 1865, was when the Civil War ended and slavery was abolished with the 13th Amendment. It's a Texas holiday, since it was first announced in Galveston. And of course we have Donald Trump  to thank here for making us aware of this day. Until he enlightened us, nobody knew about Juneteenth, much less what it meant.. Thank you, Mr President, for this and so much more...

I was kidding of course. Anyway, it's a nice day out there, but a little darker than it's been. Maybe a good day to stay put. 

Music news. I have three new albums up on the site: Guitar à Go Go, Compositions, and St Vitus's Dance Card. They're on the My Wares page, along with other albums of mine. Guitar à Go Go is probably the most 'mainstream' of my new stuff. Lots of guitar jams and a few quirky electronic pieces, ending with a bit of 80s sentimentality. A tune of mine called Sherron. Written for a woman I met while playing on the road, back in '84-86. 

Compositions is more orchestral in nature. Trumpet, trombone, Flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, piano(even harpsichord on one tune), strings and percussion. All from my keyboard, and they don't sound cheezy! . Modern, but not 'way out' modern. More like maybe Stravinsky. I was particularly fond of his Octet. 

St Vitus's Dance Card is a sort of punk jazz. Everything moves and grooves though. 

Nice to get these three albums off my desk, so to speak.. It's either feast or famine with me as far as productivity.. I had one new album in 2013, one in 2015, three in 2018, and one last year. This year is an explosion of new music. I had this happen as a music student, back in 1979. Went damn near the whole schoolyear without being able to write anything, and that summer all hell broke  loose. 12 new compositions in three months' time!

So that's what;'s going on in my world at the moment. Still banging on the guitar as well, trying to keep my YouTube page up to date. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Friday to you! And happy Juneteenth! I'm outa here. More later. 


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