Good morning! It's 10 o'clock on this beautiful Friday. The world may be going to hell in a handbasket, but it's nice and peaceful here at Casa de Sam. My cat has had her breakfast and is dozing in the chair to my left. And my first cup of coffee is to my right. Everything in its place.

Music news. Still plugging along, spending some time every day with one of my gitboxes. Counting an Ibanez 5-string bass I got from Kevin Ellis years ago, I have eight: the B. Cook archtop; arctic white Fender Telecaster(my R & B guitar); Ibanez Strat copy, Ibanez classical electric; burgundy Gretsch ES-style; cherry-red Epiphone Casino(also an ES style and my main guitar); homemade Jim Hughes solidbody. This last guitar has a most unique shape, which is why I wanted it. Pictured below. 

ES refers to the Gibson ES-335 model, almost as popular as the Fender Stratocaster(made popular by Jimi Hendrix, et al). Gibson ES's cost a small fortune, but that same model in a Gretsch or Epiphone(which is actually a branch of Gibson)is very affordable. I know because I have those instruments.  Guitar gentrification. Overpriced just like Manhattan(and apparently, much of Brooklyn). Manhattan is great, but I'll save my money and live in Queens or Jersey- or Podunk, Illinois.

My collection is actually skimpy compared to many guitarists out there, who own dozens or more. Maybe with a bigger room..

In other news, there's new stuff up on YouTube. One is a great old standard, I Remember You, only with just guitar and drums. The challenge here is carrying the tune without the support of bass or piano. To my ears, it works. Feels good. It's on my page on Facebook. I'm up to a whopping 93 subscribers now. Might just make it to 100 after all. Planning on doing something to commemorate that minor milestone, when it happens. Don't know what just yet, but something.

Well this is probably enough to wade through for one day. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading- and to the individuals who checked out the site yesterday. Happy Friday to you! I'm outa here. More later. .


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