Good afternoon! It's about one o'clock here in Xanadu. This is normally a morning activity, but I actually had other activities to get out of the way. Monday is Colonoscopy Day, so I had to get all the "fixins" for Sunday's prep. This is my second one, so I know what I'm in for. Sunday will be a little grim, but not awful. Had to take a COVID test today as well. I was expecting great discomfort, if not actual pain, but there was nothing to it.  If there's any news, I'll get it on Sunday. Worst case scenario, in case I test positive, is just staying home for another 14 days. Always good to look at the worst possible outcome. Whatever happens after that is usually a great relief..

Music news. One new post on YouTube, with more to come. I'm on "house arrest" for the rest of the weekend(per instructions from Springfield Clinic), so more music will be made--out of necessity as much as anything...Up to 96 subscribers now, getting closer to that 'magic' number. This has been a great way to share what I do. I hope, once things get back to some semblance of normal, that I can bring other folks in on these posts. There's a bass player who has jammed with me here in the Lab, and I have a small file on my page marked Sam and Raj where you can hear our duo stuff. 

Otherwise, still plugging along. Not much in the home studio at the moment, but I imagine that will resume next week. CD Baby, the place I sell from, will probably reinstate their catalogues before long. This of course includes pretty much all the CDs I've made(and will still own up to..). I hope we can re-open without being foolish about it. But the process has started.

Over the past couple months, like everyone else, I've lost money(not that I had that much to start with), and dreaded seeing the monthly reports, which showed everything plummeting. They came in the mail yesterday- and, after steeling myself, opened the envelopes, and found the numbers coming back up. Pleasantly surprised, to say the least. 

And that'l do it for now. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Friday to you! I'm outa here for now. More later. 

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