Good morning! It's about 10:30 on this overcast Friday. This is about an hour later than I usually post, but I've been sleeping more lately. Eight hours, as opposed to my usual seven and change. Lots of crazy dreams. I hardly ever remember them, but I look forward to 'dreamland' as I'm falling asleep. A lot seems to go on in those adventures.. I think I'm busier asleep than I am when I'm awake..

Music news. It's here! My new CD Near-Miracle on 33rd Street is now in my grubby little hands, 100 copies. I've given it that hard critical listen, and all the music works!(I knew it did, but just one of those precautionary things..) It's due to go up on Spotify on November 1st, and I figure the other companies--Apple, iTunes, Deezer--will all follow suit. And the cover art works as well. One typo on the back page, but otherwise fine. 

You can purchase a CD directly from me if so desired. They're $12.50 if I mail to you, and $10 if you drop by to pick it up. You can hear all the cuts in their entirety from the album's website on my Sam Crain & Friends page on Facebook. I'll probably post it on the regular FB page as well. PM me for more.

 That's the top story. In other music news, I have a collection of fusion/smooth tunes to share at some point. With these, we go back to the download-only format. Much cheaper to produce, and none of those messy boxes of CDs hanging around. There is little-to-no cowbell in this recording, but there is more keyboard. My keyboard chops have gotten better from all this fooling around, so I'm taking more solos. Definitely adds some variety to the recording, adding another solo voice in there. 

And still hanging in there as a guitar player.. Still haven't played anywhere since March 13th, but am holding forth here in the Music Lab. My circuit was basically Robbie's and the nursing/assisted living facilities, all of which has been wiped out in one way or another. I also did occasional gigs with the Samba Llamas, which were a lot of fun. As I've gotten older--and perhaps crabbier--I've been doing more  from home, but I still like to keep my hand in there as far as playing out. So I'll be someplace eventually...

So that's my two cents on this rainyass Friday. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Friday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 

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