Friday part 2

Oh for Pete's sake! I was just kidding- but then I'm not surprised. Not one bit. In an earlier blog, I tried to envision what would be my own musical Hell and came up with a pairing of Alvin and the Chipmunks and Kenny G. And here they are in so-called real life.

Ah, the Chipmunks! I mean, I loved them when I was four, but really! Seriously,you outgrow such things. There are some 'lame' jokes that get funnier with repetition, like a few from Bullwinkle: "watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat", 'must be a size 7". You laugh over and over precisely because it's so lame. The lameness and ensuing humor pretty much feed off of one another.

Other comic gambits, like speeded-up voices, are funny just once(unless you're 4 or younger), and repetition just builds up irritation, until--well, who knows? I'm just surprised there aren't more chipmunk-based assaults..

Combine that with the insipid flutterings of Kenny G and I think you have a truly awful product, one that just might get a confession out of that guy in the Interrogation Room if push came to shove.{ I'll talk, I'll talk! Anything but that!!"

I'm not sure what this is. Not a rant necessarily. I don't have to watch or listen to this, and there are folks out there who have bought and thoroughly enjoyed this product. "Boy, that Alvin! And Kenny G is soooo talented!" More power to 'em..

But I think I better stop envisioning...

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