Frigid Friday

Good morning! It's about 9:40 on this coldass Friday. It's now up from -1 to a balmy 4 degrees. I have one errand to run today, and am mixed between waiting until temperatures rise a little bit more and just getting it over with. This involves scraping ice off the windshield(the bane of my existence as far as Winter chores--being short, it's sometimes tough to reach everything), but I might just let the vehicle defrost- the lazy man's solution..The impetuous choice to just go for it is winning, mainly because otherwise I'll just have it on the brain. 

Music news. It's been a nice productive week. Got one(1)exercise session in, hopefully with one more tomorrow. The guitar got plenty of attention, and even taped a few things to possibly post on YouTube..And I wrote a number of new things, nine or ten new things. Some of them are waiting for a guitar track or two, and others are complete in themselves.

These productive periods of mine are a little bit like an animal giving birth. The tunes that come of it are like a litter(cats, dogs, what-have-you), and of course the size of the litter varies. Last was a litter of ten. This one looks similar. So I will soon have another litter to work with. and share with you the listener. 

A line from the book Baja Oklahoma, regarding cold weather. "It's as cold as the other side of your bed!" Just occurred to me, figured maybe someone besides me might find that funny. I think that was one of my Dad's books. 

2 bandjobs next week, on Thursday and Friday. Thursday is with the Samba Llamas, at Pease's, from 6:30-8:30. Friday is downtown at Robbie's with Dan Rivero and Co, and is 5:30-7:30. They're listed on the Shows page of my new website, along with a few other things I've got on the books.  Hope to see you at one of these events!

Otherwise, I've just been working on this new website, continuing to add music and pictures. The music files are mostly from my own library of stuff, things you may not hear on a CD. You can download most of the tunes in the Music section free of charge. And there are all kindsa pictures in there, from live gigs to band pictures to whatever. Some of it is just things I thought were cool. My favorite building in Manhattan, for instance. The Lipstick Building(because it's shaped like a tube of lipstick)at 53rd St and 3rd Avenue. 

Bernie Madoff was supposed to have had an office in the Lipstick Building. In Manhattan, particularly midtown, you see a lot of dedications. Leonard Bernstien, George Gershwin, and Senor Wences all have a stretch of streets named after them. Just imagining that stretch of 53rd being called Bernie Madoff Way. With this current administration, it wouldn't surprise me. 

That's all I've got for you on this frigid Friday. As ever, thanks for stopping in and reading. Happy Friday to you! Stay warm. I'm outa here. More later. 


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