Good morning! 10:30 and 30 degrees at this juncture, a cold and windy Monday. Had to open the front door to put something in the mailbox, and that was enough Monday for me. 

In July it'll be ten years since I've retired. All the days of the week kinda run together anymore, but I still remember Mondays. And I give thanks. All the shit I've taken off all those people--though more often just the same ones over and over--and for all those years.. It's just about worth it. I worked in the Unemployment Office, if you didn't know that. 

Music news. Friday, March 31st, I'll be at Boone's Saloon. Ben Taylor and Jaro Howse will be joining me, on bass and drums respectively. 5:30 to 7:30. Jazz standards and maybe an original or two. I always have CDs on hand, which I sell at gigs for a paltry $5 apiece, and there will be some folks sitting in sometime in the second set. Hope to see you there!

I had a recording project going that just kinda fell by the wayside. Might see about resurrecting it, put yet another album out there. Also another solo guitar album. 2023 seemed to start with a bang. Just getting around to some of these projects I'd promised myself I'd finish. 

I've been listening to and playing some of the music of Wayne Shorter. I also listened to him on YouTube, talking  for about an hour about music and philosophy and many other things. Very interesting guy. He was a long- time practitioner of Buddhism, specifically the NIchiren style. Nichiren was the name of a monk in 13th century Japan, who founded it. 

Another musician turned him on to the practice of Buddhism: the great bassist Buster Williams. Herbie Hancock is also a Nichiren Buddhist, and has given lectures on the subject which you can find on YouTube. These guys are all getting older. Wayne Shorter was 89, Buster Williams is in his 80s, and Herbie Hancock will be 83 in about a month. 

Domestic/Old Guy News. Had two appointments this year with a Dermatologist, one to biopsy some stuff on the top of my head, and one to remove it. I had the stitches taken out this past Thursday, and was informed that there was no Cancer in the stuff they removed. Just a couple of rogue cells in there. I wasn't sweating it, but it was still nice to hear. 

Well this went on a bit longer than I'd intended, but it's my news for the moment. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Monday to you! Ich bin outa here. More later.

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