Does this picture look like a man at the end of his rope? Just curious. This is the cover to my new album. It's due to Go Public on June 1st, which is a week from today. So it will be up on places like iTunes and Apple and so forth, and on YouTube for streaming. 

This is all material I've had laying around for maybe a year. I had a crazy prolific period from 3/13/20 into the tail end of 2022, and this was the last car on that express. I just ran out of gas before I could finish it.  Blew my wad prematurely. Okay, I'll stop with the metaphors...

2023 began with a few health and domestic issues, so my music was relegated to the back burner. The health issue was a couple of Atypical Cells on the top of my noggin. And the domestic situation was a roof that had finally worn out its welcome. A hole about the size of a basketball. 

Trying to remember the name of the mythic character who Proclaimed: the sky is falling. the sky is falling. Chicken Little! During a heavy rain, that's what happened in my dining room.

 So two scares: Cancer and The End of the World(domestically speaking). 

Well he cells on my head turned out to be nothing, and my roof is being made safe, bit by bit, from any further deluges. Or if it rains. Either way.

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