Oh no! It's Monday! 

Good morning! Just a shade after nine on this dark and dismal Monday. Weather befitting Edgar Allan Poe and other pluviophiles. Now wait, isn't that one of those creepy guys who hangs around  the playground at a Grade School? No, jenius. A pluviophile is someone who loves dark and rainy days. I suppose they could be a pedophilic pluviophile(or pluviophilic pedophile, if you prefer)and hang around the playground when it's raining. But in their purest definition, they just love the weather most of the rest of us hate. 

Music news. Still plugging away here at casa de Sam. Home recording is a great love of mine, and it also seems to be my therapy for 2020. And my little home creations have changed- from weirdo electronic pieces to smoother jazz sounds to more eclectic stuff with more keyboard. My keyboard chops are getting better from all this messing around, and I'm gaining the courage to try a few solos here and there. 

On keyboard, I have some facility already, but  haven't done the endless practicing of scales and arpeggios  I have on guitar. So I have fairly nimble fingers that just don't quite know where to go some of the time. But I'm learning. 

Today looks like a great day to just hole up here in the Lab and make some more sounds- hopefully sounds that will translate into some kind of music. One goal of mine is to make more 'group' CDs, or at least add people to my recordings. And I'd love to do another trio CD- which may be a good thing to shoot for in this coming year. I've got the bass player and drummer, who've both worked with me before. 

This is probably a good place to wrap this up. Not much for news on this gloomyass Monday. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy gloomyass Monday to you! For now, je suis outa here. More later. 

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