Good morning! Just after nine on this sunny but chillier Saturday. And the heat is on. Going into the memory archives for this one- pretty sure it was Huey Lewis and the News. Played a number of their tunes in my road days with Scoundrel('84-'86). I think that was the song we played for the world's worst dancer. The whole band just collapsed into laughter. This dude rendered us unable to play...

Music news. Still workin' it. There are a couple new posts on my YouTube page, already uploaded to Facebook. Also some new stuff on the Music page of my main website at I think I had a lot of crazy to get out of my system, as some of these newer pieces are pretty bizarre. But still expressive. I don't set out to write anything "weird" or "normal"- it just turns out the way it turns out. 

I've gotten some good suggestions lately from friends as far as my music. One is to prioritize my stuff based on what's more likely to sell. The straight-ahead jazz  seems to be what people like most from me, so I should always put that first. There is an audience for the crazier stuff- someone even told me they liked my "odder productions"- but a much smaller one. So I'm going to continue making 'wacky' sounds(they seem to help keep me sane!), but make them a second priority as far as marketing them. 

The other one is to do a Greatest Hits or Best Of album. So far at least two people have suggested it, as recent as yesterday. I enjoyed a socially-distant lunch with a friend from work days, and this was one of the many subjects we discussed. So I'm thinking on it. Even drafted up a song list. 

That's about all the music news I can muster at the moment. Eventually I'll have something out of the house to invite you to, but for now it's all done here in the Music Lab. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Saturday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 

Today's pic was taken at a nice restaurant/bar on Cook St just across from Vinegar Mall. From left to right, Dan Rivero, Frank Parker, Wayne Carter, me. 

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