Good morning! It's 9:30 on this strangely quiet Saturday. As of 5pm, we will all be on lockdown until April 7th. Got this news yesterday around 3, and made that last-minute trip for groceries. I knew it would just get worse if I waited, and it was still pretty bad.  No milk, no bread, and certainly no toilet paper, but fortunately enough of everything else. Actually I have milk and bread and TP, but they're going to run out sooner or later. 

Music news. I have been working on my website for the past couple days, adding more pictures. I've added a new section: LIve Shots, Band Pictures, Gear, and now  On the Road. From my 2-year stint with Scoundrel.  And I've got more to scan in, which I'll probably do today. The site is there to entertain folks(along with the usual self-aggrandizement), so I like to do that one way or another. Especially since we're all stuck at home..

As far as making any new music, I've wanted to, but just haven't felt motivated these past couple days. Well I guess that's understandable. Not every day you get a Pandemic right in your own backyard. We've seen the Ebola Virus, the Spanish Flu, H1N1, and others; but they were always off somewhere else. My Muse should drop back in here sooner or later, and I'll be glad as usual to share whatever works. 

One thing I was strongly considering, before all this mess, was adding other people in on my recordings. I've made a fair number of CDs with a full group, and a good number of cuts involving one other player; and was hoping to get back to that. Looks like I'll be a solo act for awhile longer. I think whenever this all ends, groups will come back with a vengeance. 

So that's it for now. Maintaining. I had to go out to Walmart yesterday, because they're the only store that carries Ink Cartridges in any kind of selection. Most stores just sell Black by itself and multi-color in a 2-pack with Black. So you end up with a million Black Ink Cartridges. Walmart was a nightmare. No milk, bread or TP OR any damned shopping carts! But at least my printer has ink. An ugly scene, to be sure. Hy-vee was pretty cleaned out as well, but at least they had shopping carts- and a much better attitude!

Okay. Minor rant. I'm better now. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Saturday to you! Stay safe, folks. I'm outa here. More later. 

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