Good morning! It's just after 10 on this beautiful sunny day. Got that first cup of coffee at the ready, and am easing on in. This is sort of a limbo day. Tomorrow I either start on the prep for Monday(Colonoscopy) or go into 14-day self-quarantine, depending on the results of the COVID test I did yesterday. Either way, I'll be okay. Every year anymore has these hurdles, otherwise known as medical checkups. Two every year with the regular Doctor, and one with the Eye Doctor. And then every couple years I have this slightly bigger hurdle with the Gastroenterology folks at Spfld Clinic. And then there's the Dentist. All part of getting older. 

Fortunately I like all the people I have to check in with. Had the same Dentist for at least 25 years. Except for the brief physical pain of the Novocaine, always a nice visit. Same Eye Doctor since 2011, when I had cataracts. Very ebullient, gives you a big hug when she sees you. My regular Doctor I've only had since 2016, but a good rapport there as well. He's a guitarist as well, so we usually talk guitar at some point. 

Music news. Two new posts on YouTube. And three here on the site. They're the top three on the Music page. As far as YouTube, I forgot to mention yesterday about the Playlists. Go to Playlists and then Created Playlists, and you'll find all kindsa stuff. There are posts from live gigs, and a section called Sam and Raj with some nice guitar/bass duos. Also some playlists from other musicians I like. Hoping to get some more group(or at least duo)things up as we move forward. Sometimes, though, I think I do my best playing  when it's just me and whatever playalong I'm using. 

And that's pretty much all the news I've got. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Saturday to you! Stay safe, stay healthy. For now, I'm outa here. More later,. . 

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