Good morning! It's about 9:30, a nice sunny day out there- at least so far. Sunday is my favorite day of the week, especially now that I'm not working and don't have that late-afternoon Sontagschleerung descend upon my ass. That's the German word for dread-of-Monday. It seems that the Germans have many more words describing some weird introspective state of mind'; while the English language has more ways to describe  behaving like a real jerk: contumelious, vituperative, excoriating...Just sayin'...

Music news. I do most of my listening at the very end of the day, from about 10 at night until I turn in at 12 or 1. Much of the time, it's someone else's music I'm into(Yes, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck,jazz stuff,  etc), but  I'll  occasionally go back and revisit one of my own. There's an album of mine called Medicated Moods, which I did around 2012. I had just gotten back in touch with my Doctor after a 12-year lapse, and  suddenly found myself  on all these meds- hence the title. There are a few cuts on there and another CD that  I hope to share with you guys  on FB in the very near future. Much of my old stuff is on YouTube, the pages put up by CD Baby, so that's where I'll be sharing from. 

One of the tunes I want to share with you guys is a thing called Tower of Dour. It' s from my days on the road, and was a nickname given to our keyboard player during his introduction. His main name was Mr Excitement, and he'd be sound asleep when the spotlight was on him. And he was very tall, about 6' 3", hence Tower of Dour. The song itself has 'gloomy' minor/major 7th chords in it- exploring the depths of despair, but is a pretty quick pace so you don't wallow in it. "Ladies and gentlemen, our own Tower of Dour- Mr Excitement!"

A blog about my days on the road can be read here;  Hope it's entertaining reading. 

And that should hold you guys for a day or so. As ever, thanks for stopping in and reading. Happy Sunday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 





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