Good morning and Happy Fathers Day! It's about 20 after nine, a sun n' clouds affair outside. I don't mind inclement weather just as long as I don't have to get out in it. Thinking of the Frank Zappa song Didja get any onya. As long as I don't get any on me, we're fine. Torrential rain is kinda cool to watch from my back porch. So is snow, especially that first snowfall. 

Music news. Whatever else you could say about it, 2020 has been a most productive year for me as far as new music. Sometimes the worst of times can produce the best music--or at least the most music..Eight new recordings! The first four are up on CD Baby and the latter four are on my website, under My Wares- all the way down the page. You can listen to anything in its entirety, and buy individual tracks or the whole album- or just stream. My stuff ranges in intensity from Mild to Firebrand, so there's probably something for you in all that. I don't try to be all things to all people, but I like a wide variety of styles, so that diversity is going to carry over into my own music.

Speaking of Firebrand, I should probably have a place where the names of those who listened to the very weirdest stuff--the Firebrand stuff--can be listed. Just like getting your name on the wall when you take on a bowl of their spiciest Chili. 

As far as the country re-opening, I have no plans for when this happens. One job at Robbie's in November, and that's it. The Nursing Homes/Assisted Living centers were the last vestiges of gigdom for me, and they're going to be out of commission for a good while. Little by little, over the course of my retirement, I've become more of a homebody. An "internet musician". Still a musician though..(Gigdom?!)

. One thing I do want to do, down the road, is get back to having other people in on my recordings. I did make one in 2015 with several ensembles, and one i released late in 2019(Jazz Guitar Vol 4-operators are standing by!)which ends with a group cut from back in 2008. But otherwise, it's just been me. I can make my own fun to a large extent, but still like to have other folks in there with me. As always, more to come. 

So that's my news on this darkening Sunday. More to do this morning: Lumosity, breakfast- after which time I'll probably strap on the guitar. As always, anything I keep I'll be glad to share. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Sunday and Happy Father's Day! I'm outa here. More later. 



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