Good morning! It's 9:04, a beautiful sunny day out there. Looks like another scorcher on its way. Did we have Spring this year? Sure as hell doesn't feel like we did. I am now on my Prep Day for tomorrow's Colonoscopy, drinking my coffee sans creamer. Yes, I like my coffee somewhat adulterated, but black coffee is fine- at least for today, and roughly half of tomorrow. I'm supposed to get a call if my COVID test comes up positive, in which case tomorrow's procedure will be postponed by at least 2 weeks. And I could go back to having creamer in my coffee- and food in my belly. It's now 9:14, and no call. So far so good. I'd just as soon get all this out of the way for another 3-5 years. 

Music news. First, thanks for visiting the site, whoever you are! The first thing I see when I sign in is a green band that shows me the traffic from the day before. I don't know who was here, but I know somebody was. YouTube is flourishing for the moment, with a number of new posts,and a few on the way. I have been adding music to the Music page, 3 or 4 new selections--and again, with more to come.

Not much else to add. It's now 9;24 and no phone call. So far so good. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Sunday to you! I've got more 'unadulterated' coffee to drink, so for now I'm outa here. More later. 


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