Sunday, new post 

Well this site is screwy at times, as far as the admin functions. When you delete something, such as a post, it deletes a whole bunch of posts with it. Not a big deal to save my bon mots every day or anything, but still..It also happened on my Music page, but all the deleted cuts are still in the system(Bandzoogle's)and thus are retrievable. Certainly not the end of the world...

So much for my kvetching. I'm enjoying this beautiful day. Got in a little time on the gitbox, and even taped a few things. We'll see if any of it passes muster. 

A couple new things on YouTube you might enjoy. Likewise a couple new pictures up here at I posted a blog this morning, and kept editing it, finally to just chuck it. Start over. 

Looking forward to things re-opening, but am on the side of caution. There is a get-together planned for that future point with Ocean State, a band I used to play in. I can and do work as a 'solo act', but I miss making music with other musicians. I really look forward to recording with other musicians, and having other folks besides just me playing on these CDs I can't seem to stop making. 

Gonna enjoy more of this day. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you! I'm gone. More later. 


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