The Age of Social Distancing 

Good morning! It's 9:17 this side of noon on another rainy day. Might as well call it Thursday, to distinguish it from yesterday, but otherwise a carbon copy. BUT, there's enough coffee, enough groceries, and enough blasted toilet paper here in the house to be able to stay in. What fools we mortals be...Tried to do Facebook this morning, Every single post was about you-know-what. Too many Armchair Virologists today. But I will post this blog there, on my Sam Crain & Friends page.  And I've got a great picture to add to it!

Music news. May 1st is the next one I'd have. It's at Robbie's and this time with my own group. Still a lot of time between now and then. I know this is devastating to those who depend on those weekly gigs as their regular salary. their grocery money. My heart goes out to them. For me, the possibility of missing this upcoming gig would be disappointing, but certainly not dire..

I feel like I'm starting to normalize this week, get back on track with my normal activities. Got in a decent exercise session yesterday, and started to practice but got a phone call from another Isolated Musician. It's important to keep up your chops, but much more important- especially now- to keep the lines of communication open. Stay connected. I'll get to those chops today. 

There are a number of new pictures here on the site. More as I uncover more in this cluttered-but-cozy Music Lab. I've got a number of new tunes as well, and those go on the Music page.(Not as dumb as it sounds. The Wares page is where I sell CDs) Some are free downloads, others I have to charge something- and I try and keep my prices reasonable. This music was meant to be heard- and enjoyed(let's hope!).I have a number of CDs available on the site, and you can buy individual tracks if you like, as well as the whole pizza pie.

Not much else to report. Still making music here in the Lab, business as usual. And I'm more than glad to share whatever works. So thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy rainy/dismal Thursday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 



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