Good morning! Just this side of 10. A dark,cloudy day out there, but who cares? Yesterday was my get-things-done day. So today is a well-earned day of sloth. When purpose is used to attain purposelessness, the thing has been grasped. Sounds like something from Lao Tzu. I read it as a High Schooler, probably from one of my folks' books(we were the only family I knew to have the Bhagavad Gita  laying around), and used to amuse my friends with it. I think I had them fooled into thinking I was "deep"..

Music news. CD Baby, the place I sell my wares from, has been closed since March . But they still send your stuff to all kinds of digital companies out there, and notify you as to the results.So I get a buck and change every couple days and a list of my tunes that were streamed. These things keep my morale up by showing me that people out there are listening. Maybe not too many of them, but people nonetheless. And they show me what goes over and what doesn't. 

My most popular items are the straight-ahead jazz things, and usually those with the least imaginative titles. Solo Jazz Guitar, Jazz Guitar(vol 1), and The Sam Crain Trio are my top three. My catalog of CDs pretty much runs the gamut as far as style: from straight-ahead jazz to weirdo electronic music. And there is a small contingent that goes for the weirdo stuff.

Got a recent CD from the beginning of the year: Garden of Sonic Delights. Weirdo electronics and a sort of punk-jazz. There's a tune on there called Cybertraash that got all kinds of streams this time. It's the best seller of my most recent stuff, accruing a whopping 46 cents in streams! No, you're not going to get rich with streams, but you will learn- again, what goes over and what doesn't. Priceless information. 

And I have more stuff on the way. Today's streams were a nice reminder that people like the "weird" stuff too, so more to come in both the 'normal' and 'abnormal'  varieties. This should about do it for today. Certainly enough verbiage to wade through. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Thursday to you! The dark skies when I started writing are gone now, and a beautiful sunny day remains. If you don't like the weather in central Illinois, just give it fifteen minutes or so. I'm outa here. More later. 

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