Good morning! It's nine o'clock straight up on this beautiful Thursday. A couple birds are singing, sort of a 'call and response' thing. My neighbors have four or five tiny dogs who bark like crazy when they're outside. I often ask them if the guitar from my music room is too loud and am either told that they don't hear it or that it's our trade-off. And the barking dogs really don't bother me. When I take out the trash, they follow me all the way to the alley, barking away. The only difficulty I have is when I want to talk to my neighbor. Always gotta let the dogs settle down first. 

Music news. There was a post on FB yesterday by Arch Bailey, the long-time proprietor of Robbie's. He's retiring, and has sold Robbie's- which I guess would be effective next year. I've got a date there in November. As to whether the new owners will want to have the Uptown Friday Night series continue there.that remains to be seen. Definitely the end of an era. About 30 years. . It was always a built-in crowd, and a cast of regulars at the bar. When I had a gig there, I'd always try to get there early and catch Jeopardy with the regulars. Good times.

As far as music here in the Lab, getting back into the schwing of things. YouTube will have a new post. After making those, I try to leave them alone for a day or so before listening again. You get a more objective idea of what you've got. Sometimes it's not as good as you thought, and other times it's a good deal better. So I've got a nice inspired Secret Love with the virtual rhythm section. This new one on YouTube uses space better than usual. One of the many things I'm working on in my playing..

One of my early influences in music was a baritone saxophonist named Gerry Mulligan. Courtesy of my Dad's record collection. Mulligan was a consummate improvisor, brilliantly inventive. He also phrased very well, leaving space in just the right places. In that way, his solos became almost conversations between he and the bass player. He was well-known for his "pianoless" quartets: just two horns, bass and drums. Man, could they swing! And being such a transparent texture, you had to watch your Ps and Qs. Bill Crow was my favorite Mulligan bass player. Nothing fancy, just good notes- and very intuitive as to what the soloist is doing- always the "just right notes".

Okay, that's probably enough from me for now. As ever, thanks for stopping in and reading. Happy Thursday to you! Hey, it's almost Friday. That's how I used to look at it. So until next time, I'm outa here. More later. . 

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