Good morning! Just this side of ten on another knocko Summer day. Working on that first cup of coffee, bringing the world into focus. Another night of crazy dreams. I never remember them unless there was something disturbing going on. So in that sense, no news is good news. What usually happens though  is that things from my dreams will bleed over into my regular waking consciousness. It's a weird sensation, but not unpleasant. Just weird..

Music news. Well, we're all set to go for November 6th at Robbie's. Talked to the bass player, and got a voicemail from the drummer(who, I sometimes forget, occasionally reads these blogs). In the meantime I might get in some playing with the drummer and a keyboard player. I've worked with these two before, and there's good musical chemistry between us. Plus we get along great(and they're both named Dave, so there's only one name to remember),.  Looking forward to firing up with them. 

Also planning on attending a similar fireup with Ocean State, the band I played in for the last couple years. And this one I don't even need to drive to, just stumble across the street. Mark is an excellent host, and I'm sure will regale us with food.. A jam session and a feast combined. Can't beat it. 

The last time I played music with anyone else was March 13th, right before the stay-at-home order went into effect. . I'm perfectly capable of entertaining myself(and hopefully a few others)in the home studio, and seem to work better as a 'solo act',  I'm happier, I sleep better. But eventually you get lonesome and want some company. So these upcoming sessions will do the boy some good. 

One new selection up on YouTube for your listening pleasure. Ladybird, by Tadd Dameron. I think I've mentioned him before. Pianist and composer. There are some cool 'altered' tones in the melody, which I'm sure sounded exotic to him as he wrote it. They sound 'exotic' to me as well. I don't know much about Dameron except that he was a good musician and had a heroin habit like so many jazzers in the 50s. I'll have to read up on him. 

This is probably more than enough to read. Thanks as ever for stopping in and wading through it. Happy Thursday to you! Je suis outa here. More later.


ps waddya know, I did get a picture in here after all! Taken at the Walnut St Winery in Rochester, ca 2014 or so. Myself and Christy Bennett. She is the daughter of Gene and Betty Bennett, and has her own band--Fumee-- up in Chicago where she resides. Her boyfriend, Casey Nielsen, is an excellent gutarist.  



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