Good morning! It's 9:52 on this cloudy Thursday. Not sure how to start this, so I'll just start somewhere in the middle. Watching places as they cautiously re-open. I visited Penny Lane yesterday for the first time in months. You have to wear a mask but they're open. And as far as the other stores,  you can now get all the toilet paper your little heart(or butt)desires, as well as other items. If they're still hoarding, they're at least buying up stuff nobody else wants 

All well and good. But grocery stores are not getting the supplies they need from the vendors,. My last couple of  Hy-vee online orders  have had some pretty good-sized  holes in them.. I had missing stuff, which they acknowledged in their email to me,but also stuff I didn't order.. Chicken tenders. Not something I'd order but quite edible all the same. I could take them back to the store and demand my money back or put my old George Foreman Grill back to work and enjoy them. I've decided to take the second option. Sometimes you have to look at the lesson...

Music news. I was asked, by someone who enjoys some of my YouTube posts, to learn the song "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire". It was made popular by the Ink Spots, I'm figuring in the 40s. Pretty tune.  I'm on it. In the meantime, I did post something yesterday, an old tune called I'm Old Fashioned. Probably something today as well. i'm up to 96 subscribers now. Exciting getting these new subscribers, but also makes me that much more conscientious about what I post. The main criterion for me as far as what I post is the feel. If it feels good, then we're halfway there. By feeling good, I'm talking about the groove. The time. 

As far as anything else from me, it's still in the works. The last CD I released was a couple months ago--a thing called New Day, which was intended as a kind of feel-good album. Smoother sounds, but still quirky and a little weird(I've gotta be me!)--and still  plenty of guitar hijinx. So far it's made $.06 in streams. I love getting streams, seeing what people choose to listen to. Quite often, they'll like one particular tune from an album. Fulsome Prism Blues is one. Cybertraash is another. Just as long as you're listening out there...

And that should do it for today. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Thursday to you! I'm outa here for now. More later. 

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