Good morning! It's about 9:40 on this nice sunny Thursday. For those of you still in the workforce, you're now on the downslide to Friday. I remember week after week after week of those countdowns, which sometimes started as early as Monday afternoon.

Most of us have or have had jobs we liked certain aspects of and loathed other sides of. For me, the good stuff was the one-on-one sessions with people in the REA program(getting them back to work), working with employers and bringing them into the office for Employer Fridays to meet with prospective employees, and even the compliance sessions where you'd go over the rules with a group of 10-15 people.What I hated was working the front counter, dealing with a seemingly endless line of disgruntled customers. This ended up being my nemesis. The day I resigned I'd had a particularly harrowing day up front, a few acrimonious exchanges between me and the customers(excuse me, clients).

Looking back, it was really high time to skedaddle out of there. Had I stayed another year, I'd have been that much more worn down- and with that much more of a beer gut to work off!

Anyway! Music news. And I actually have some today. There are two new recordings on the My Wares page here on the site. They're titled St Vitus's Dance Card and Compositions. St Vitus's Dance Card is an eclectic mutt, with elements of different, sometimes disparate styles- like jazz and punk. And, true to the title(for once), every piece has a groove to it. Might challenge your ears in a few places, but your toes should be tapping. 

Compositions is more orchestral in nature. Brass, woodwind, strings and percussion sounds abound. Modern but not "way out" modern, Might remind you of Stravinsky in a few places, particularly his Octet. 

So those recordings are both up there for your listening pleasure. You can download individual tracks or buy the whole enchilada. Or just stream. 

I might have something for YouTube today. Haven't gone over yesterday's stuff just yet. I have this semi-crazy person who writes to me on occasion. First, it was 'let's be friends'. I said sure. Then it was "I want more. In your next video, describe the greatest moment of your life". I didn't respond, and am not going to. I think we're done. Yaha. 

That's all I've got for the moment. As ever, thanks for stopping in and reading. Happy Thursday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 

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