Good morning! It's just shy of 10 on this bright and sunny Tuesday. If you work for the State, you had yesterday off, and are paying out the nose for it today, with all those people that couldn't get through on Monday. I know this because I was a State employee, and bit the bullet on many of these days. One co-worker used to call  today Muesday: a combination of Monday and Tuesday. My heart goes out to you guys, especially on Muesday.

Music news. With a room full of guitars, I've  decided to use a different one for awhile. My usual-and-customary cherry-red Epiphone has some string buzzes, and it's also nice just to change things around every so often. So I'm using an "arctic white' Fender Telecaster. The Tele is a most adaptable instrument. You can play rock or blues or country or jazz on it without missing a beat.. With jazz you don't have the deep resonance of one of those bigass archtops,but you can still get a nice full tone.

I have one of those "bigass archtops" as well. Beautiful instrument, but a lot of guitar. The guy who built it is about my height and weight, so it'd look big on him too. All a matter of personal taste. For instance, some smaller guys out there love big women. Not me. For what it's worth, I like them petite, but still with some shape.  So. I love this  instrument, but eventually gravitated back toward guitars that look better on me(but still sound good).. All is vanity, right?

So I have a few new things for YouTube with the white guitar, which I'll be posting today. Probably something new as well. It feels like a good day for making music. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading my current whatever. Happy Tuesday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 


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