Tuesday Welding 

 Good morning! It's about 10:30 on this rainy Tuesday. Feeling a bit spent from the past two days. Yesterday was Colonoscopy Day and Sunday was Prep Day. The only thing that gave me trouble was the 10 ounces of Magnesium Citrate I had to drink. That was an ordeal. The Gatorade mix was actually tasty. Just like last time, it took forever for anything to happen. Finally, around midnight, it started. Had to get up early the next day for the second half of the prep(32 oz), so I wasn't all that rested. 

The day of was a piece of cake. I met five or six nurses who got me ready, and had a few laughs with a couple of them. It was a small, darkened room just like last time with computer screens all around. Drifted off to sleep and woke up refreshed. Everyone was gone but one RN, who just said "we removed one small polyp. Five years'. Last time they found three larger ones, and one was 'pre-cancerous'. And I got a lecture from the surgeon on how lucky I was. He told me about another patient that day, another guy in his 60s(who was finally getting around to this, as was I)who wasn't so fortunate. Point taken. 

I mentioned to the nurse how great I felt, and he said, "yeah, nothing like drug-induced sleep". Well, however I got there, those few winks were needed.

So, doing fine. I had to take a COVID test on Friday, with results being available on Sunday. The lady giving me the test said, "no news is good news". Sunday was a little nerve-wracking with that on my mind as well as the prep stuff I had to do. But the phone didn't ring. So today I'm doubly relieved.. No COVID and no "back door problems"..

There's a country western song called If the Phone Don't Ring,You'll Know it's Me. The funniest song titles out there are either from Frank Zappa or any number of country artists. I Don't Recall Lovin' You was another favorite, which I heard in Beaumont Texas. Played there as a roadster. You're the Reason Our Kids are so Ugly is yet another...

Music news. Well I'll probably get around to making some today. I wanted to yesterday, but the body just wouldn't cooperate. I did post a couple new things on the Music page here on the site. The top five are brand new. Note to self: keep this page updated. YouTube has a one from yesterday. Something will probably happen today, as far as that goes. 

And that's all I've got for now. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Tuesday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 

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