un-manic Monday 

Good morning! Just after nine on this sun n' clouds Monday. This is usually a peaceful day in Samland, like a second Sunday. Unless it's imposed on me and there's no other day to do it, I don't like to work on Monday- or even have appointments. It was always my least favorite day of the week, and thus the first day I had to change upon retirement.  Wednesday is now my Monday, if I need one. The middle of the week makes a better power-play day anyway...

Music news. 3 new albums up on the My Wares page: Guitar à Go Go, Compositions, and St Vitus's Dance Card. Guitar à Go Go is probably the most mainstream, with lots of guitar shenanigans throughout. Compositions is more modern, but not way-out modern. More like Stravinsky or Bartok(but with a bit of Crain's looniness). St Vitus's Dance Card is probably the quirkiest of my three new releases, but you can dance to most all of it if so inclined.  

And now the well is dry. I'm tapped out for the moment. There are a few other recording projects I want to get to- one of which involves my jazz compositions- but right now it's time to take a big "whew!" This has been one of the strangest years in our history.. Like most everyone else, I'm pretty worn down by it. Times like this you need your art more than ever-whatever that 'art' may be..

Still practicing every day, and keeping my YouTube page alive. Might be something up there you haven't heard. 97 subscribers, inching my way up to three digits..

So much for Monday's news. Looks like a beautiful day out there. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Monday to you!(I wonder if there are people out there who actually love Monday- who aren't retired! Until next time, I'm outa here. More later. 


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