un-manic Monday 

 Good afternoon! It's just after four, a beautiful sunny day out there. I just got home from Springfield Clinic. Today was Colonoscopy Day. A better outcome than the one I had three years ago. One small polyp removed. This time I go back in five years. I'll be 70, about to turn 71. Can't imagine being seventy years old, but then again I couldn't see myself turning 60, and here I am halfway through my 60s. 

  The only tough part of a Colonoscopy is the prep. And the only real grueling part of that is the Magnesium Citrate you have to take at 5. Terrible stuff, even refrigerated. The 64 oz  Gatorade/Mirilax mix is not unpleasant in the least. Gulping down half of that is relatively easy.The only downside for me was that it seemed to take forever to kick in. After midnight. And then I had to get up early to take the second 32oz at 9;15,six hours before the procedure. I always book these late in the day so that that second prep is at a reasonable hour- 9 or so.

So life will now get back to nermal. I like my nice boring retired life. But I probably appreciate it a little more when I have to take a break from it and get something done like a medical procedure. Glad to be back. First priority is food of course, not having had any since Saturday night. And then the guitar. 

Almost time for Jeopardy. 4;30, time for Trebek! With that, I'm ringing off for now. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Monday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 

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