un-manic Monday 

Greetings! It's just a couple minutes after noon on this clouds n' sun Monday. I've just come from our new store downtown, so it will soon be "high" noon. You can actually park in front of the building there on Adams St, what with most or all of DCCA being laid-off. Very convenient, even if it is for the 'wrong' reason. There is now a homeless contingent in front of DCCA, 4 or 5 individuals pretty much camped out, looks like they'd been there awhile. Sad...

Music news. I've been enjoying some of the concerts people have been putting on in their driveways or on their decks. The Emerald Underground did a particularly nice show last night. If you haven't seen it, it's worth checking out. Violinist Joe Kath had some great moments throughout. The Matthew Curry Band is also worth a listen. 

As for me, still plugging away. 2020 has been a crazy year for recording, with 4 new CDs(well, okay, downloads)up on CD Baby. And I've got another 4 or so after that! CD Baby is not doing physical CDs at this time, but they still do downloads. And they still send your stuff all over the place as far as the digital companies out there. And they put your stuff up on YouTube. Some of those I've been sharing on Facebook. 

Not much else to report right now. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Monday to you! Stay safe, stay healthy(is this a crazy year or what?!), and I'll see you next time. For now, I'm outa here. More later. 


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