Good morning! Getting started a tad earlier this morning. In bed at midnight, up just after 8. Two different dream scenarios, neither of which I remember- just that there were two parts, divided by that bathroom trip at o dark whatever- sort of like a halftime show. Whoever reads this is probably saying to themselves, "Sam-drink more coffee!" Wake the hell up..

Personally, I like the often"not quite here yet" feel of some of these posts. Sometimes ideas flow more freely, more associations are made. And it seems to go hand in hand with that first cup of coffee. I've written these later in the day, and at the end of the day, but it's just not the same.Maybe because I don't drink beer anymore- which would definitely be the beverage of choice at night. And would give these posts another kind of "not-all-here" feel...

Anyway! Music news.These past couple days I've been on another creative binge in the home studio. I've got a couple three things which are gonna be nice vehicles for the guitar once I add it in. Fusiony funk things. And four or five of those weird little pieces that no one but me likes(or so I suspect). This will probably continue into the weekend. Like I said before, it seems to be good for me. At the end of each session I'm usually pleasantly spent- much as the end of a physical workout- exercise or coital... So, more to come.

With creative projects like this, I've found that you have to let your productions "air out" for a day or two. Then you go back and see if something's there. I've been surprised both ways: things turned out better than I'd thought, or it's like "what the hell was I thinking?!" So it takes a little time to see what you've got- or what you don't. 

Bandjobs are next week, on Thursday and Friday. Both early and both local. Go to the Shows page for more information if you're interested. Hope to see you at one or both of these evehts! Last chance until May 1st, when I'll be back at Robbie's with my trio. 

I thought our current run of shitty weather was supposed to start today, but it's actually tomorrow. One more chance to pick up those things you want to make sure you have- like coffee. So I may make a run this morning, and after all that, plan on settling back in to the home studio to see what further sonic trouble I could get into. 

That's my news for the moment. As ever, thanks for stopping in and reading. Happy Hump Day to you! Paddle home safely*. I'm outa here. More later. 


* A line from The Fabulous Baker Boys, one of my favorite 'musician' movies. 



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