Good morning! It's just coming on 7:30 on this overcast Wednesday. Up a little earlier than usual. Kept waking up, and finally just decided to make a go of it. 7.5 hrs is my ideal, but  I'm sufficiently fueled with the six or so hours I got. And coffee is helping me get the rest of the way there.

Music news. Still playing the arctic white guitar, and have been uploading a few things to YouTube. Got more to put up today. I seem to alternate between working on the guitar and working on new tunes in the "music lab'. It's a nice existence. Still striving to get better on the guitar, and get my music out where people can hear it, but no longer busting my ass to Make It. I see someone I know- a vocalist, my age(!)- out there busting her tail across the country, playing on every venue she can get. I'm rooting for her, but at the same time am thinking, "wow, that's a lot of work at this age!" She's always been a dynamo, but still...

Interesting to see how the re-opening will play out. I don't have anything on the calendar until November, when I'm back at Robbie's. My gigs were either there, or Pease's on the west side, or the assisted living centers. It will be a good while before the nursing/assisted living facilities will be back to having visitors though. So slim pickins for awhile..

Before all this happened, I was getting a slightly better social life.It was all one-on-one: either visit someone at their house or meet them for dinner, which should be easy enough to revive. I was already avoiding crowds, so not much of an adjustment there. It's the extroverts--the 'normal', well-adjusted folks--who really suffer in times like these. 

And that's my Hump Day news. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Wednesday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 



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