Good morning! It's 9 o'clock straight up, another perfect Summer day out there. This tumultuous year is almost half over. Hope the second half goes down easier. I'm still doing the protocols(masks, distancing, OCD hand-washing), like every conscientious old person should. As a matter of fact, I'm doing the BEST protocols. Very very good protocols..Sorry, I was channeling someone for just a second there. I'm back. 

Music news. One new selection up on YouTube. It Don't Mean a Thing(if it ain't got that swing!) One of Duke Ellington's classic tunes. Getting a little mainstream, but it's still a good tune. Once in awhile it's good to  think "commercially": what would people probably most want to hear?  I'm careful not to pander too much to mass tastes(before you know it, I'd have Alvin and the fucking Chipmunks on here!), but I do want  to reach people with what I do, so I'm still listening, as far as that goes. 

Still three new albums on My Wares, at the bottom of the page. You can listen to everything in its entirety, and even take something home with you. (Sorry but I do have to charge you for that, although it's a pittance).Not that I'm working in threes, but also three new tunes on the Music page. And those are free downloads. 

I have some degree of autonomy as a musician, with my makeshift home studio and all, but I do miss working with other musicians. Got a call from one of them just yesterday, a bass player I've shared the bandstand with quite a bit over the years- particularly in 2013 and most of '14, right after I'd left the State and had to tread water financially until I was old enough to retire.. We have a Robbie's gig in November, he and I and a drummer. This guy actually told my brother that I had to import from surrounding communities like Jacksonville(where he's from)because nobody in Springfield would work with me. One of my saltier musician friends here....

So I look forward to working with him again, as well as a few other folks. We'll see what happens.

And that's all I've got for you for now. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Hump Day to you, however you choose to celebrate it! Ich bin outa here. More later. 



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