Good morning! About 9:15 on this Hump Day. As I remember, our daily  office memos included Hump Day as well as a TGIF on Friday. That structure has long since gone out with the bathwater. having retired back in mid-2013. The week is now pretty much an amorphous mass of time, the only structure being Jeopardy every weekday.( 4:30- time for Trebek! )and exercise every Wednesday and Saturday. Wednesday is also my Get Things Done day- that is, if I have things that need getting done. Monday is now a quiet day if I can help it, a second Sunday. Well, I guess there's a little structure in there...

Music news. My new CD Near-Miracle on 33rd Street is still the top story. It's supposed to go live on Spotify on November 1st, just 4 days from now. I'm assuming it'll be available on all the other 'platforms' like iTunes and Amazon and so forth. You can hear all the selections in their entirety on the website on my Sam Crain & Friends page on Facebook. And, as I've said before, I've got the CDs here. $12.50 if I mail it to you, and $10 if you stop by the house to pick it up. 

I'm also at work on another collection of tunes, these more in the fusion/smooth/eclectic bag. I hardly ever write a whole CD's worth of music at once. It's more of an accumulation of material. The challenge here is making all this disparate stuff fit together. Every song should lead you into the next one. It can be a maddening process, with many drafts and revisions. But the other side of it is that you keep polishing and polishing until you have something. And once you're there, you almost forget about all the 'grief' you went through to get there. 

And still trying to get better on the guitar. This one's a lifetime pursuit. But I have made some headway since retiring, finally having the time to practice. Time enough at last. Out of all 158 Twilight Zone episodes, that's the only one I can't stand.  My personal version of Time Enough at Last has a much rosier outcome. So I continue to work away at the guitar. YouTube is fairly well-stocked with posts. 

Well that's what I've got for the moment in the way of news. Still hanging in there. Like most of you, I have my times when I feel "I've got this"(a phrase I'm getting pretty tired of hearing in TV ads)and other times where I don't have a clue. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. I really appreciate it. Happy Hump Day to you! For now, my coffee cup beckons me to refill it. :Thank you sir, may I have another? I'm outa here. More later.  Today's pic was taken by Ed Clark, year unknown. From the wedding ring on my finger, it would've been between 1988 and 1993. He's taken a number of pictures of me, and we might just be due for another session. Wonderful photographer, highly recommended. 

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