Good morning! It's 8:45 on this, another damn-near perfect day. I'm glad we got another nice day, because I wasn't really able to enjoy yesterday. Had some business to do downtown, and ended up getting a flat tire- unbeknownst to me until I was driving. Got the vehicle home--a harrowing ride with the shaky steering wheel and all--, then had it towed to the nearest place, and then waited four and a half hours to hear back. 

But the day had a happy ending. They were nice enough to send someone to pick me up, and didn't overcharge me for their services. This tells me it's probably a family business as opposed to a franchise(like Midas, whom I financed for a few years in there)where you have to justify your numbers to some jerkface Regional Manager just to save your own hide. Thus, they'll likely get more business from me down the road. For one thing, I have three more tires that will probably need replacing.

So today, by contrast, will be a day of relative sloth. My folks used to call it SOA time. That stands for "sit on ass". SOA time is important, and sometimes necessary. And we had other abbreviations in the family. There were frequent notes left out by either POTM or POTD--poor old tired Mom, or poor old tired Dad. We were always a bit unconventional. We had cats instead of dogs(Mom was a lifelong cat person), and my brother and I were both called by our middle names. I made the joke once that if we'd had more conventional parents there'd be more of us, we'd have names that rhyme- and they'd call us "team"! 

Not much for music news today. Still working at it though,. I did upload something to YouTube, which is now on my Facebook page just this morning. Hopefully today will be more conducive to music-making. I'll be adding in a couple new albums very soon, and as such, would like to get some feedback from you the listener. The main question I ask myself is the most important one: does it work? And that's what I ask my listeners..

Okay, those are the major headlines for today. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading this hoohah. Happy Hump Day to you, however you choose to celebrate it! Ich bin outa here. More later. 






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