Good morning! It's about 10, another hot sunny day on tap. For a brief second there I was missing my days as a beer drinker. But I don't miss the spare tire I'd gotten from it, or the struggle to get rid of it. Still, a cold beer on a hot day really hits the spot. A cold beer after a hectic stressful day is downright soul-satisfying- but it almost always led to more cold beers. Your vantage point seems to change with every beer guzzled, so the idea of more beer makes increasing 'sense'..

These days my elixir is in those morning cups of coffee. One pot makes about three and change. Enough to fuel me for the day. And there is soul-satisfaction in that first cup, just like that first beer after a day of having my ass chewed off by clients in the office. I remember the end of one of those Mondays, asking a female co-worker, "do I have any ass left?" Don't remember her response, if there was one. So coffee replaces beer as my feel-good fluid. . I guess you'd call that a paradigm shift. .

Music news. One new selection up on YouTube, with more to come. I've found that after recording that stuff, it's best to leave it alone for a day or two. Sometimes it's better than you thought, and other times you're aghast- 'what was I thinking?!" But you get a clearer picture that way. So I've got a few more to post, if they pass muster. Always on it. 

I'm always working on new recordings as in CDs(well, downloads these days). And as usual, have more material than I know what to do with. I might just end up with two new CDs. One is gonna be more straight-ahead jazz, and the other more eclectic. Puttering around in my Music Lab is often very soul-satisfying, akin to that first beer or first cup of coffee. After a day of this kind of work, I'm usually pleasantly spent. Another analogy comes to mind here, but I'll hold off...

So that's what's shakin' at the moment. I've got my Colonoscopy on Monday. Gotta buy the prep stuff from the pharmacy between now and Sunday, which will be prep day. Looking forward to having this all over and done with of course. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Hump Day to you! Stay safe, stay healthy. With that, I'm outa here. More later.

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