Good morning! It's about 9:30 on this bright sunny Wednesday. Things are getting back to normal. I like my nice boring routines, but I appreciate them more when they're turned upside down, as was the case on Sunday and Monday. The next time I go back to Springfield Clinic is in 2025. I'll be 70, soon to turn 71. I can't imagine being seventy years old. But then I couldn't imagine being 50 or 60 either. Gotta say, I like Springfield Clinic.. The various Nurses and other staff were all some degree of friendly. No one was rude or dismissive. I almost look forward to going back in 2025..

Music news. There are a few new tunes here on the site, on the Music page. The Music page is all for singles(single tunes, not necessarily unattached people!), and My Wares is for albums. And there is a fair amount you can download if you hear something you want to take home with you. YouTube will probably get a new tune or two today. Like I said, getting back to normal. 

In other news I have two new albums in the works. One is straight-ahead jazz, and the other is more eclectic. I think you guys will enjoy both of them. Gotta get back to the Music Lab. I work best there when I've got a schedule you could shoot a cannon through. Like now. 

I think most everybody who reads these posts does so on Facebook. That's sort of a second version, often redacted to cut down on any boring rambling on my part. The original version here on the site goes a bit further afield. But each version has its plusses, Here on the site I include a tune from my Library O' Tunes, and on Facebook I include a picture. Lately they've been old pictures, or people who've passed on. I have no idea whose picture I'm going to put up today, not until I get there.

Not much else to share right now. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Hump Day to you! I am ready for that next cup of coffee, and my next morning activity; Lumosity. Been doing the games as a daily routine for a couple years now. Much fun, sometimes exasperating. So on that note, I'm outa here. More later. 

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