Wet n' Unwild Wednesday 

Good morning! It's ten o'clock this side of noon on this Hump Day. A night full of dreams, some of which I actually remember.Those scenes I recall involve a lady, a few years my junior but from the same basic geriatric ballpark. There is all kindsa stuff I could write, as I've known her for years and years, and had feelings for her at one point. If I'm honest with myself, I guess I still have a stray feeling or two. Anyway, I just walked her home in the dream and she thanked me. But it's more than I've remembered in some time. Dreams are intriguing to me. I look forward to the Nightly Theater, whether I remember anything or not..

Music News. I sold a CD on CD Baby!. These days, in The Age of Streams,it's  nice to get an actual sale. The Sam Crain Trio was this person's most excellent choice. This was my first CD, made back in 1997. Gene Haas on bass; and Brian Justison on drums. Brian is on several other of my CDs, back when I was using the crew from Millikin in Decatur. He came to my Retirement Party in 2014, and suggested doing another trio CD. I was up for it, but nothing happened after that. Would've been cool..

In other news, I've been adding more pictures to my new site. I took a ton of pictures when I was on the road, but my camera was about one step up from a disposable one. Not the best quality, but still pictures from different places. We played in Ogden Utah in the Fall of 1985, and I remember that there was a building that looked like a big brassiere. Was able to capture that on film, and have the picture up on my site. More to come, as I stumble onto more pictures from that 'era' .

CDs. I have two new ones, which are pretty much done. Both guitar-oriented and more on the smooth side--without descending into McJazz. That's what I call Smooth Jazz in its most watered-down form. One is called Guitar à Go Go, and the other is called New Day. I'm trying to make stuff that's accessible but still has some substance to it. I released three new CDs at the beginning of the year, and I'm waiting for those to take off before I put anything else up there. So far, a whopping .01, from my new CD Uncharted Waters. Hey, it's a start..

I guess those are the major headlines. Otherwise, just doing what most every other 65-year-old is doing: staying home! I did get out and vote in the Primaries yesterday, and pick up more grub. As far as the Toilet Paper Crisis, I lucked out. I usually get them in twos or fours, but all they had was 12 or more. Walgreen's on Ash and MacArthur is supposed to restock on Friday, if that's news for anybody. 

Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Hump Day to you! Stay cool. Stay safe. I'm outa here. More later. 


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