It's Saturday! 

I figure that I make about as much in streams of my music as Spongebob Squarepants pulls down in an 8-hour shift at The Crusty Crab. Remembering an episode where he saw a check for 25 dollars and said, 'Wow! That's more than I make in a YEAR!" Sounds about right. But I do enjoy those little increases of 17 cents or whatever. Someone out there has listened..

Doing a little maintenance on the site today, adding some new music. Might just get ambitious and see about recording something today. Whatever I do today, I'm sure as hell gonna enjoy this weather! Beautyful..

I've got it all bassackwards. On beautiful sunny days, I just open the blinds and enjoy the day from inside. It's the shitty, rainy, cloudy days that necessitate getting in the vehicle and going somewhere. So I'm digging today from the cloistered confines of my music room. If any music's made that's worth anything, I'll be glad to share. Later for now. 

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