Good morning! 8:32 and 45 degrees on this sun n' clouds Sunday. Back in the swing with these posts. After hitting rock bottom, I got a goodly number of reads. So somebody stopped in here someplace yesterday. Thanks, I appreciate that!

Music news. A playing session this coming Tuesday, with folks in the band Ocean State. I used to play in the band, but still help out here and there. As far as jam sessions go, I prefer something more free-form if I had my druthers. Remembering such sessions as a High Schooler, getting high as a kite and then plumbing the mysteries of the A minor chord for the next hour. 

Still, it's playing music with other people. And getting out of the house. The percussionist and I have known each other since we were kids, so there are a lot of stories back and forth.  Socializing --.something I need more of in my diet. Working on it..

And I have Thanksgiving plans this year, same address, two days later. Begged off last year because of COVID. Solo Thanksgivings are a bit grim for my taste. So I plan to enjoy a nice dinner this year with a handful of folks. The following day, I'm sure I'll be recharging my introvert batteries, but am going to enjoy my Tuesday and Thursday of this week. 

 One thing I'm noticing about retirement, or at least being the age I am, is that we in our 60s and beyond tend to have the same philosophical discussions/arguments as we did in our early 20s. My friends run the gamut, from devout Christians to hard-core Atheists. I'm somewhere in the middle of all that: not an Atheist but not a member of any particular group either. 

Another thing is that I'm too damned old and tired to argue anymore! My views are my views, and your views are yours. We can discuss all you want, but I'm done arguing. I'm coming off a little cognitive dissonance from something that happened about a week ago. Finally at peace with it..

So there you go. Thanks as ever for stopping in and wading through all this. Happy Sunday to you! For now, ich bin outa this place. More later. 


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