This is the third overcast day in a row. Spirits are starting to drag. Fortunately, I have some new music to share with you. One of them is a stab from the past, going back to 1985 or '86; and the other is a heretofore unrecorded thing from that same time period. Having a lot of fun in the Home Laboratory, and have unearthed a goodly pile of originals I'd almost forgotten about. 

I'm trying to do more actual songs in here. As you'd figure, they take much more time and planning, but your end result is something with a bit more substance. I've got a couple mapped out on my recorder as far as the overall form, and now have the daunting task of adding bass and keyboards and so forth. 

One of my earlier efforts was a CD called Guitar Psychosis. The title was a take-off on the Ventures' Guitar Freakout. Not one of my better sellers. It was overly long, and needed more variance in the tempos. But still, I think it had its moments. Last night I came across what I guess was going to be a sequel, called Guitar Psychosis Outpatient. Some more interesting sounds I'd forgotten about. 

Anyway, thanks for stopping in and reading this hoohah. Hope you like the sounds. More later

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