Greetings! It's about 7:30 on this snowy Friday evening. Tried to make it downtown tonight to catch the group playing at Robbie's(Kevin Hart and the Vibe Tribe), but couldn't find a good parking spot. Frustrated with the traffic and the snow, I bailed and headed home. Would've been nice to hear them. At least I made an effort, so I can't kick my ass too much here. Hope they had a good gig. Sometimes you end up packing the house when the weather's bad like this, and other times it wipes out your whole audience.  You never know until you get there. 

Music news. Mainly working on getting this site going, adding pictures and music and whatnot. I had a website through Hostbaby since 2004, and lost it all in the changeover--everything but my web address and domain name. I'd packed a lot of stuff in there over the years, some individualized pages having more to do with my sense of humor than music-but that's what makes it personal. So as well as the music and pictures, I hope to put some of my own quirky personality into this one as well. On the Bio section, I didn't feel like writing my whole life story over again, so I cut to the chase. Otherwise, I'm sure I'll add some other touches. 

I have 33 CDs , all available through CD Baby at the moment, but may take a stab at selling them here as well. They vary in style, from straight-ahead jazz to modern classical music. You can buy physical CDs or downloads, and also purchase individual tracks. 

Most all of the music tracks are things I just had in my own collection, and usually aren't on a CD. I might stick to this policy, as it's stuff you won't hear anywhere else. Hopefully that will serve as an incentive for checking out the site here. 

Anyway. That's my news for right now. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Friday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 

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