Monday, Take 2

Good morning! 11:45 at the moment on this improving Monday. Started off like something out of Hammer Films with stark white skies and the gnarly leafless branches of trees. Now Good Ol' Mr Sun is out, making everything better. I already wrote one of these, and somehow didn't get it saved, so here goes nothing. Well, hopefully something this time..

Music News. Well, mainly working on this new site. Adding music and pictures and an occasional bon mot like I'm trying to do here. In the music section, I have a number of free downloads. Some of the things from my CDs, or ones I'm strongly considering putting on one, I've gotta charge something- and I hope my prices are reasonable. 

YouTube is alive and well with 82 subscribers. I try and post something most every day or two. They're mainly from my practice sessions, but I try to spice things up with a few live cuts when I can get them. Seems like I either forget to bring the camera or I can't find anyone fool enough to hold it while we play. Really, I think I often play better here in the Music Lab. I remember in High School our Band Director telling us that when we play out we're at 80%- nerves and other factors take that 20% off the top. It's true! C'est vrai! Thank you for that one, Mr Garretson.

Two bandjobs this coming week, on Thursday and Friday. They're both early and both local- my criteria for playing gigs anymore. And they're both listed on the My Shows page. More on this as we get closer. Hope to see you at one(or both)of these events!

And that's pretty much my music news for the moment. Nothing going on this week, musical or domestic, so I'm hoping to get some trouble on the other side of this room, where I have my makeshift home recording studio. I've probably said this before(and as an old guy, will repeat myself again..)but it's as much fun as you can have with your clothes still on. I had a nice run like this last week, and felt pleasantly spent after each session- like I'd just gotten my ashes hauled..

Otherwise, things are pretty even keel. Been watching a fair amount of College Basketball lately. It's about the only team sport I like to watch. I like the fluidity-things are always moving. And it's cool to see the interplay between team members in sinking a basket, how many steps are taken. Aside from Jeopardy and the news, it's about the only thing I've found that's fit to watch. 

And that's my news for today. Hope this one takes. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Monday to you, if that's possible! Jeg er outa here. More later.

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